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Product Review: Customized Mint Tins

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Had a chance to check out some really cute customized candy tins this week. I know this seems a little "off" from traditional breastfeeding products, but I had a company contact me about reviewing these from the "baby shower favor" and "birth announcement" front. I'm always a little lost about what to do for baby shower favors and I've always liked the idea of cute birth announcement type things but haven't ever done then. (Had friends who named their son Heath and gave out fun size Heath bars...it was cute.)

So I figured why not and told them to go ahead and send me some. The tins are from Plum Drama and come in eleventy-million designs. They aren't cheap, though they're also not insanely expensive. They run $2.50 each with a minimum order of 30 tins. (Perhaps a bit high for most showers, but a nice number if you wanted to use them as birth announcements.)

They sent me three designs, each with a different flavor of candy in them. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the printing. A lot of times when you see a company offering this many "customized" options, they're using fairly cheap labels that are simply printed out and slapped on. These tins are pretty nice though. Smaller than an Altoids tin, but bigger than a credit card, they're a nice size for throwing in your purse or diaper bag. The print quality was excellent and the site notes that you can send in a picture or a design of your own choice to have printed on the tins.

They come in four flavors: peppermint, sugar-free peppermint, cinnamon and fruit punch. They sent me the first three.

The sugar-free peppermints (I don't usually eat sugar-free things, but for you guys, I gave in and tried them) were pretty good. Very "altoidish" in their strength. Nice peppermint flavor. The cinnamon ones were excellent. They reminded me of a "red hot" but they weren't chewy, they were crunchy. One of the better cinnamon candies I've tasted, actually. But the regular peppermint candies were kind of gross. Something about the texture I think...it wasn't so much the flavor as something just seemed "wrong" about them. Greg agreed with me on all three mints. Elnora put her vote in for the cinnamon (she kept trying to sneak them).

To note, they can obviously be used for far more than baby shower favors or birth announcements. They have designs for tons of occasions... Baby's first birthday, weddings, first communion, even bar/bat mitzvahs and quinceanera.


  1. Blogger Darlene | 7:23 PM |  

    Great idea. Another customizable candy that would make a great gift: M&M's. Yup, you can have M&Ms printed with your name, logo, whatever! In fact, I thought about imprinting the Peek-a-Boo B Cover logo on them for a tradeshow we're going to exhibit in but then I thought about what would happen to them...they would disappear into tummies and they'd have nothing to remind them of who that clever company was. (ok...reality check....I know that they'd never make it to the show...they's disappear in MY tummy!).

    Anyway, they're really not very expensive and its a real WOW at a party.

  2. Anonymous Sinead@BreastFeedingMums | 4:26 AM |  

    What a lovely idea! The tins look really pretty and would make a lovely keepsake! Pity we don't have baby showers over here (N.Ireland)- yet!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:28 AM |  

    Well, I actually didn't think the third mints were "gross," just very plain, like a TicTac. The cinnamon ones were the best I'd ever had, though :)


  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:29 AM |  

    Hi there,

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