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Peek a Boo B Nursing Cover Review

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

When I received a package a few weeks ago from Cayden Creations that had a Peek a Boo B nursing cover inside for me to test out and review, my husband laughed.

"YOU'RE going to review a nursing COVER?!?" He asked incredulously...

Yeah...he thought it was a hoot.

I explained to him that while I've always been very vocal about my person belief that nursing covers tend to scream "Hey!! I'm nursing over here!!" I've also always tried to make it clear that I have no problem with a mom using one because she WANTS to.

See, there's a world of difference between someone covering up because they think they have to and someone covering up because it makes THEM feel more comfortable. As such, I felt that it was more than fair to review the Peek a Boo B nursing cover for the moms that DO prefer to cover up while nursing in public.

The Lactivist Says: The least noticeable nursing cover I've seen (yes, that's a GOOD thing)

Extremely light weight
Coverage where YOU want it
Put on and take off with one hand

Material sometimes clings to baby
Could be a little bit longer

When I first received my Peek A Boo B nursing cover in the mail I was surprised by how...small it was. I don't mean lacking in coverage, I mean compact as in doesn't take up much space. You can see it here in the picture folded up next to a tin of Altoids to give you some perspective on the size. It would easily tuck into a diaper bag or even a small purse. Heck, if you were wearing a fleece or a jacket, you could likely just tuck it into the pocket.

When you unfold it, you've got a large rectangle with a stitched hole in the middle of it. Basically, it works sort of like a poncho, you just slip it over your head and turn it so that it's covering the areas that you want covered. Apart from the size, my other favorite feature about this nursing cover is how light weight it is. It's a very thin, filmy material that weighs next to nothing. Since one of the complaints that I often hear about nursing covers is how "hot" they are for mom and baby, that's a definite point in the "pro" column for this product.

So how is it in the functionality department? Well, you know me...I love me them YouTube videos...so I filmed myself using the Peek a Boo B nursing cover for the first time so that you could see how it works for a mom that hasn't even bothered to perfect her "nursing cover technique." (Because seriously, does anyone think I'm going to sit around PRACTICING being ultra-discreet? Have you even read my blog?)

Give it a watch:

First let me tell you what I don't like.

You'll note that in the position I'm holding Emmitt in, the cover just barely goes over his head. Now, I know that I nurse in a really funky position (I'll post on that later this week) so I'm not really a fair comparison on this one...but I do think that large chested (or just all around large) women may end up having some length issues with the standard Peek a Boo B sized cover. I'd say 90% of women are going to find it to be the perfect length (because you don't want to go getting it caught or snagged on things, right? that would defeat the whole purpose of having a nursing cover...just imagine the ruckus you'd cause if you snagged the table and knocked yourself on your rear trying to stand up!) but for me...well, just a tad short.

The other negative is mostly related to the length and is sort of a catch twenty-two... The fact that the cover IS so light weight means that it can settle onto the baby more closely than it would if it were one of those circus-tent style cotton nursing covers. For Emmitt, not being used to being covered up, well, he was a little resistant. (you can see his arm waving around a bit in the video.) I think if I'd had him in a better position where the cover could drape more rather than settling right on him, there wouldn't have been an issue. (Stupid giant breasts!)

So on to the positives...

It was SUPER easy to put on. I could easily unfold it and get it over my head with one hand (which is great if your baby is already getting fussy and you're holding him as well.) It was very light weight which made it easy to situate. The neck opening is also wide enough that you could easily pull it back and see your little munchkin. That's handy for things like making sure they're latched or even just making googlie eyes at them.

Another thing that I liked, that I'm not sure the designers even thought of was the fact that you don't really have to use it to cover up your baby while nursing.

See, my biggest issue with nursing in public isn't the fear that someone might *gasp* see my breast or *even bigger gasp* see my nipple. It's that if I'm not wearing a nursing top, chances are pretty good that in order to hike my shirt up enough for Emmitt to nurse, I'm also leaving my post-partum love handles in wide open view. Yeah...not too keen on that idea. With this cover, you could easily turn it so that it was covering up the "side" without really covering up your baby. We all know that babies' heads cover breasts and baby's body covers tummies (and rock covers paper) so for many women, it's that issue of letting their love handles hang out there for the world to see.

The final point added to the positives column was the price. At just $25, it was easily the least expensive nursing cover that I've run across online. (Most of the popular nursing covers run $35-$45 depending on material.)

Overall, while I wouldn't use it (because again, I don't really go for nursing covers) I WILL find a friend to pass it on to and I would highly recommend it to a mom that simply won't nurse in public without a cover. As someone that has long made fun of nursing covers (because seriously, they look like circus tents) I actually had to admit that this one was pretty nice.

Now if you're looking for super trendy designs and crazy-fun patterns, this may not be the nursing cover for you. Since the goal here is muted functionality (getting the job done without letting the world know what the job is) the colors are all pretty neutral and pretty demure. The owner's sense of humor does show through though as the colors have names like "Mothers' Wine" and "Busty Black." You can see Elnora over there on the left in "Barely Beige."

Two last points of interest? First, the creators are both breastfeeding advocates. I've had the pleasure of sharing quite a few emails with one of the owners and I can assure you that she's out there fighting the fight with the rest of us. I love supporting companies that aren't just talking the talk. Second, they have an affiliate program, so if you think your readers might be interested in buying Peek a Boo B nursing covers, go ahead and sign up and promote a way. (and just to note, I am not an affiliate, so I don't earn anything if this review makes you want to go buy it...I think reviews get tainted if there's money involved.)


  1. Anonymous the SmockLady | 5:18 PM |  

    Personally, I don't always use a cover myself, but having 6 children it's been different each time. The first time I was a bit nervous NOT to use one (read: insecurity issues and no support). The second one was great without a cover. He ate like a champ and was so serious about nursing no one ever knew he was nursing. My third one - she's a different story. She was what is often referred to as "the nursing gymnast". She was all over me and every where else, while still attached. When I used a cover, she was calmer and less active while nursing. But the others, I don't use one. I do have a great one that I love and keep in the diaper bag for those times when it could come in handy. I'm like you and as much as I am outspoken about nursing, it's benfits and such, I am also non-confrontational and I have twice in my nursing career been in a situation that I knew before hand that I would just rather use a cover. I love the Bebe au lait (also known as Hooter Hiders) cover. Great prints, light weight, rolls up small. My favorite thing about this cover is the slightly stiff ribbing in a portion of the neck area that allows me to keep it open so we can make eye contact and the baby doesn't feel so 'under a blanket'.

  2. Blogger Jennifer | 5:21 PM |  

    You know what's just peachy? When you upload a video of yourself and don't notice until about the fifth viewing that you flash the world not once, but TWICE.

    See what I do for you guys??

  3. Blogger MamaBean | 9:23 AM |  

    lol Jennifer. I watched it twice and didn't notice a thing! :-)

    Your blog posts are hilarious, thanks for the smile!

    I told my mother about the ones with the bit of ribbing to create a "hood" (like the bebeaulait style). She found one in a store near her, studied it, then made one with a bunch of scrap material she had laying around. She bought the ribbing for about 75 cents at a craft store. She even made me a matching bag to carry it in!

    While I don't expect to use it very often (I'm like you - why should my baby have to hide?), it is nice to have for nursing in close quarters - say an airplane ride when I don't want the creepy guy next to me staring at my baby's lunch.

    I guess the point of this post is that those handy with a sewing machine can make their own baby cover for very little money!

  4. Blogger tiny-dog | 1:03 PM |  

    The First Years has a pretty cheap ($12) nursing cover that they sell at Target, not a bad choice for the cost. It's come in handy around prudish relatives.

    Elnora looks very stylish in the Boo B. :-)

  5. Anonymous Lil Liberal | 2:16 PM |  

    Jeez, nursing covers DO scream out "I am nursing! AND BEING DISCREET ABOUT IT!" Hm. I'd love to get one of those and get that embroidered on it. hehe

    I've heard people say that before- but not until I saw a video did I truly understand.

    By the way, the arm-waving thing- My 6 week old- who was used to being covered by a receiving blanket started doing the arm waving thing recently. I gave up and just use the cover to latch on (as he gets too excited to do it himself), and then just pull the cover back so that the edge of it hangs over my breast and he's nursing under/around it.

    Eventually- probably over the summer, I'll give up completely. I can already tell he's going to be one of those that likes to dance the tango while nursing. A dancing blanket is hell of a lot more obvious than a nursing baby. :P

  6. Anonymous Julianna | 11:15 AM |  

    I LOVE your site and try to read your blogs daily, when time permits. I enjoy the humor, the honesty and most of all the many giggles to your insight. As a Mommy who breastfeeds, I have to say that I am simply one of those "shy" ones. I SUPPORT breastfeeding 100%. I believe a Mother has a right to breastfeed anywhere she should choose. However, I will say that there are those Mommies out there who are modest, me being one of them. Hence, this would be where a nursing cover could come into play. Ironically, I was given both the bebeaulait cover and the peek-a-boo b nursing cover as shower gifts. I decided to give them both a try to see which one would be most comfortable.

    For me, the bebeaulait cover felt more like a bib, there is no coverage at your back and my curly long hair continuously got caught in the strap. Since I am constantly on the go, I would literally toss the cover into my diaper bag once I was finished breastfeeding. Needless to say, when I went to use it after the “toss“, low and behold, it was beyond wrinkled. The open neckline personally made me feel a little self conscious. I was at the local mall using it and was informed by a rather obnoxious patron that while I was trying to be discreet, she could see boob and all when walking up from behind me. Besides her rudeness, I in one hand was actually a little grateful for her awareness of my breast being visible (remember….modest mommy here). Other then the various styles to choose from, for me…too flashy and too “look at me” feel.

    When I went to your blog and realized that you did a review on the peek-a-boo b cover, I was interested to read your insight (love the idea of you videoing your first attempt to use this cover). I recently began using this cover and to my surprise, I love it. There are no straps, you have full coverage, front & back. **I agree with you with coverage for those “love handles. I couldn’t help but laugh!** Can you believe that after tossing it into my diaper bag, when I went to use it, voila, no wrinkles (being a Mom on the go does not allow lots of time for ironing)! The material is extremely soft and flowy and it actually does the job that it is intended for. It allowed me to breastfeed without saying, “Hey look at me”. Their colors are neutral and simple. I will be the first to say that there are plenty of breastfeeding mothers out there who believe that a nursing cover draws attention when breastfeeding, as Lil Liberal stated in her bog, covers do scream out, “I am nursing”, her humor about it was great. Being a “modest” Mommy, using a cover , this one in particular, works best for my lil one and me. Thanks for your insight! (o:

  7. Blogger Jenni | 12:24 AM |  

    I really enjoyed your review and video. As a sister-lactivist, I love your blog and I can't believe the pork people...

  8. Anonymous Minnie | 1:34 AM |  

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    The nursing cover that you have pictured out is really looks awesome and has quite good features. Very recently I also bought one Baby Shield from www.babyboo.com. I found that baby shield quite useful and highly technical, and I just love it. My baby just sleeps under the cape while my son runs around like a maniac.

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