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OT - Boot Scoot 'n Boogie

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

The most challenging thing about breastfeeding for many moms is the feeling of not being able to get out and go anywhere. In fact, up until two weeks ago, I had gone out exactly ONE time without my children since Emmitt was born last September. The past three weeks I've tried to give myself one night a week to go out for a few hours and have a little fun, sans kids. On Friday night, that meant taking my best friend to the rodeo for her birthday. (Those are my boots on the left, hers on the right.)

We had a good time. It was sort of like AAA ball...these cowboys were just starting out and hoping to earn a spot on the TV tour. I'd wager most were between 18 and 24. We wondered briefly if rodeos were anything like hockey. (If a puck flies up and falls in your lap, you get to keep it...does the same go for cowboys?) We had great seats, front row, center of the arena. Close enough that when one bull went a little crazy and flew around the ring kicking up his rear I ended up with a little umm...bullspit ;) on my jeans.

The interesting thing to see was that this rodeo does not use cattle prods or other "shocks" to try and get the bulls to go a little crazy or to make them "ride." That meant that about every four or five rides, the bull would simply decide that he was NOT going to take that cowboy for a spin and would lay down in the pen. You could see the other cowboys back there reaching in and trying to prod him to get up with their hands but he was having none of it. So the cowboy climbed off, they let the bull go and run around the ring once and back to the pen he went. You could almost see the bull laughing. ;)

We didn't take Elnora, but apparently we should have. Maybe when she's a bit older.

Wanna see what we saw? I uploaded about eight clips to my YouTube account, but here's one to give you a quick sample.


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