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My Big Giant Water Mug

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Ok, everyone else gets to start memes, now I want my turn. Thus, I am starting what I believe is the first ever breastfeeding specific meme. (Ok, maybe it's not REALLY breastfeeding specific since it's actually about water...but you know, breastfeeding moms need lots and lots and lots and LOTS of water...so it kinda sorta fits.)

It's even a good fit with my new year's resolution of drinking calorie-free beverages. (Since I don't believe in artificial sweetners, that leaves me with teas and water)

So here it is...share with us a photo of your water mug. You know, the thing you lug around all day to make sure you're properly hydrated. I don't care if it's a dixie cup, a generic plastic water bottle, a glass from your cabinet or one of those giganto thermal mugs like I have.

Here's mine!

It holds about 32 oz and if I put ice cubes in it it stays cold the whole day. Of course the goal is to drink two or three of these a day along with whatever I drink out of regular glasses. Mostly I use this for overnight so I can chug some water when I get up to nurse Emmitt.

So what's your water glass?

I tag...let's see...Judy, Carrie, Amanda and Sinead.


  1. Anonymous Tiffany | 12:19 PM |  

    Fun topic. I was tagged by one of your tagees. Great stuff, thanks!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:48 AM |  

    Thanks for the tag- I had a busy weekend so I'll get to it tonight :)

  3. Anonymous zuchie | 3:41 PM |  

    Well how do I order one?

  4. Blogger EDER | 9:59 AM |  


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