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Must. Get. Sleep.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Emmitt has apparently figured out what comfort nursing is.

While the last two nights have been pretty good (he ate at 10:30, 2:30 and 6:30) the two nights before that were "every hour on the hour" type nights and I've yet to catch up. As best I can figure, the poor little bugger is teething. He'd wake up, fuss, act like he wanted to nurse, would nurse for 5 minutes, then pass out. He wasn't swallowing much, so I can only imagine that he just wanted to feel better. Unfortunately that messed his schedule up during the day as well and he ended up being awake from 10am to 11pm for two days with NO naps.


So I've been playing catchup. I dosed him with a little bit of infant's motrin last night and that seemed to help. His awake hours are mostly spent chewing on anything he can find, usually my hands.

When you have to rotate through all four fingers and the thumb on your hand because they keep getting pruney, you know the kid needs some serious chewing. It also makes me realize why all those babies go around with bibs on. Elnora never drooled (though she also didn't cut teeth until about 9 months) so I just never "got" it.

It would make sense that the bottle fed kid would get teeth late and the boob nosher would get them early...

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  1. Blogger Lindsey | 12:02 PM |  

    Ohh noo! Poor mama and poor sleepless baby! I hope his teeth come through soon.

    Gabriel started teething around 3 months and his first one didn't show until he was 8 months! He was a very drooly baby and had to have a bib on all day.

    Hope you both catch some zzz's soon! :)

  2. Blogger Melissa | 1:31 PM |  

    You have my sympathy. My daughter is almost 6 mos old and she still nurses 3-6 times a night whether she is teething or not!

    Ugh, no naps is a killer. I'm sure you already know this but a wet washcloth that has been in the freezer a bit can help. My little girl really enjoys that although now when I try to wash her face at night she opens her mouth and tries to chew it!

    Also, he may be too young for this but I've also read about freezing a little breast milk into soft "slush" and finger feeding it to them. It's nice and cold and tastes great!

    Hope he starts sleeping better!

  3. Blogger Jennifer | 5:24 PM |  

    Ooohhh...I tried the washcloth thing. He liked it.

    I liked not having my fingers chomped on for hours.

    Thanks for the tip!

  4. Anonymous Lil Liberal | 2:25 PM |  

    Oo comfort nursing. My mother in law upsets our 6 week old to an amazing degree and he spends the next 24 hours or so comfort nursing. The only thing that saves my sanity is co-sleeping so that we can both sleep while he's latched.

    I imagine that sleep nursing has got to bite (pun intended) when the little nursling is teething. ouch!

  5. Anonymous Minerva | 6:39 AM |  

    Hello Jennifer,

    I wasn't sure where to leave you a comment. I'm on Day 10 of your 30 day Challenge e-book. Wow! Life goes at the speed of light. I am currently building my own website, and want to thank you for the inspiration! really! It is relieving to see a day by day portrayal of what you accomplished. I myself have a one year old, am a Real Estate Consultant, Run my Partner's Lawn Care Business Marketing, and work part time at a hotel in town (times are tough)Reading your book gives me reason to persevere when the going gets tough. But all in all we can't complain...we live in the most opportunistic era of our time, Let's keep reaching for the stars, and giving it our all! Because of you, I have promised myself, to continue my daily diary, of my sites progress. It's good to look back and see what you accomplished in a week. You know, as a mom, every minute counts! I did have a couple questions about some things mentioned in the book. Where could I contact you about that? God Bless you and your little ones!! They are the light of our lives! Get some rest, and enjoy your beautiful family! God Bless!

  6. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 11:36 AM |  

    Minerva, so glad you're enjoying the book! You can email me direct at jennifer at searchengineguide dot com.

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