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Lactivist Milk Banking Fundraiser Extended

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I announced last month that December was going to be a fundraising month for the Mother's Milk Bank of Ohio. All profits from the sale of shirts at The Lactivist store were going to be donated to the milk bank. Unfortunately, CafePress got hit with a DOS attack last month and the site was down for a bit. I heard from more than one Lactivist reader that tried to buy a shirt, but couldn't get to the store to buy.

So...I'm extending the fundraiser for another week. Still want to spend some of that holiday cash on a Lactivist shirt? Now's the best time to do it. We've managed to raise a little over $400 so far...it'd be fantastic to be able to kick that up to $500 or more.

Get out there and shop mammas! Buy yourself something special, or snag a shirt for your husband. Know someone that's expecting and planning on breastfeeding their new baby? Buy them a Lactivist onesie. ;)

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  1. Anonymous Angela | 12:59 PM |  

    I spread the word!


  2. Blogger Jennifer | 1:13 PM |  

    You rock! :)

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