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Elnora's Got Soul...

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Elnora's a picky one when it comes to music. If I turn on the radio while we're driving, she gets very opinionated on what we should listen to. I can flip channels and she'll say yes or no on each one (usually no) and without fail always ends up wanting to listen to whatever station is playing 70's rock.

So today, we were driving down to the library to return some things and I had on Muddy Waters. "Got my mojo workin'" came on and I was sort of doing that car dance thing where you're moving your head from side to side.

Suddenly from the back I hear her protesting. I looked back and asked what was wrong. She pointed at me and shook her head.

"You don't want mommy to dance?" I asked.

She nodded. Then she pointed to herself.

"Nora wants to dance?" I asked.

She nodded again. I said "ok, go for it."

And I swear, the kid immediately starts doing this weird head bob thing that looks exactly like any bass player you've ever seen in a REAL blues band. She's bobbing her head all over the place, shaking her shoulders etc...

Apparently she didn't think I how to car dance to the blues, so she had to show me.


  1. Blogger caramaena | 2:42 AM |  

    Oh that's funny.

    Apparently I'm not allowed to sing in the car... but I do ;)

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