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Urg...My Kid Broke Me...

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Egads...seriously, Emmitt totally broke me. :(

Woke up yesterday with horrific chest pains...anytime I moved my head wrong or moved my shoulders wrong it was like someone was just crushing my heart. After an initial freak out that I was having a heart attack, I realized that I'd pulled a muscle in my chest. (Did that once in high school, not fun.) Then I realized that I probably did it from all that bending over to hoist Emmitt up. (Nora only weighed about 10 pounds at this age, Emmitt is 15+)

So first I have to figure out how to heal (when I have to keep picking him up) and then I have to figure out how to avoid pulling that muscle again. After all, there is no "lift with the knees" when your kid is in an ill-heighted bassinet next to your bed. I suppose I could try and wake Greg up for every feeding, but that seems unlikely to work. ;) I can't just leave Emmitt in the bed with us because Greg is a cover freak and drowns himself under 90 million layers of suffocating goodness. Sometimes I'm surprised that *I* survive, let alone keeping Emmitt breathing. I suppose he and I could take to sleeping on the living room floor for a few days, but that just doesn't seem restful. ;)

I'm headed to the chiropractor tomorrow, so hopefully he can help, but I'd love to hear your suggestions. Any of the rest of you have a chunk of a kid at 2.5 months and find themselves with similar problems? How did you survive it? How am I going to survive this at six months when he weighs 20 pounds or at a year when he weighs 85 pounds and I have to take him on Maury?

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:33 AM |  

    Don't really know what to do about healing, but could dh sleep on the couch for a couple weeks (I know, not fun) so that you can co-sleep? Having that stretch at night to heal is really important.

  2. Blogger Jennifer | 7:35 AM |  

    Nope, kicking DH out of bed (or me goign to another bed) isn't an option. The poor guy is already being severely neglected due to our little boob monster. He also spends his evenings taking care of our two year old while I fix dinner and nurse, so sleeping is the only chance we get to be together.

    Thus, my dilemma...finding a way to fix this without making DH or myself move.

    Hopefully the chiro will have some sugestions of stretching that could help...

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:35 AM |  

    I think you should make a shirt that says "little boob monster." :)

  4. Blogger Jennifer | 8:46 AM |  

    LOL. you mean like this one?



  5. Blogger a suburban housewife | 11:17 AM |  

    He won't have to go on Maury!! Only "grossly/morbidly obese" children go on that show. And pediatricians won't classify a breast baby as too fat. Why? Because they know it is usually developmentally appropriate with a healthy level of fat. Keep up the good work :) Once you relieve your pain, of course!!

  6. Blogger Jennifer | 11:22 AM |  

    LOL...I know he won't end up 80 pounds at a year or on Maury, but that concept keeps flying through my head lately...

    I think it's because my cousin visited and was giving her rendition of the parents whose kids end up on Maury...

    "Well he just luuurves them french friiiiiiiiies...."


  7. Anonymous d. feldman | 1:36 PM |  

    Any way you could prop the bassinet up to a better height?

    Or lay out separate sets of blankets and position yourself between kidlet and spouse?

  8. Blogger jessi | 6:21 AM |  

    chkMy first baby was a chunker (16 lbs at 4 months, 20 lbs at 6 months 30 lbs at one year) and demanded to be held all the time. I could tell when he was having a growth spurt because my upper body would get sore. I never pulled a muscle, but I did learn to be very careful about picking him up - using my knees, not my back - just like you would with a heavy box. I also noticed certain positions were worse than others.

  9. Anonymous Jax | 11:51 AM |  

    Small was 9lb9 at birth, and I've no idea what happened after that as I never got him weighed. However I'd learnt from baby one that the whole struggling round the bedroom in the middle of the night was a bad thing, and we got a bedside cot second time round. I go around recommending them to ppl (I ought to get commission ;) )

  10. Blogger Jennifer | 11:57 AM |  

    Yep, Emmitt is in a pack n play with a bassinet insert right next to our bed. I stand up, pick him up, get back in bed. That seems to be enough to do it, well that and putting him in and out of his bouncy chair and on and off the couch next to me and under the gyminy, etc...

    He's just a big ole hoss. I got spoiled with my first, Nora still weighs hardly anything, I could cart her around all day.

    Though this may finally get my upper arms a bit more toned... ;)

  11. Anonymous Jen | 6:59 PM |  

    I have the exact same issue right now...a pulled right breast muscle. Unfortunatly the only thing to do is ice and rest as much as possible. Try icing when you are nursing on the other boob. :)

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