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Picture Time

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's a busy week (wrapping things up before heading out for the holidays tomorrow or Friday) so chances are high that all I'll get up today is some pictures...but hey, picture are fun. ;)

So, here we go...

Unposed picture of Emmitt after Nora messed around with his blanket...

From 12-19-06

Nora doing the typical "kid" smile when I tried to get a nice shot of her...

From 12-19-06

Nora showing Emmitt how to use his gymini...

From 12-19-06

Nora proving that she doesn't *quite* yet understand the potty (but close!)

From 12-19-06


  1. Blogger Judy | 4:06 PM |  

    1. My mommy made that blanket!

    2. I think every kid has read a book on a kid potty.

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