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Love it! Nursing on Mr. Rogers

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ok, so it's not a human mom nursing, but right now, Mr Rogers is talking to a visitor that has shown up with a dog and her puppies. The puppies were acting kinda crazy and Mr Rogers said "are they still nursing?" and the man said "yes, and I think they are hungry."

He then had the mom dog lay on her side and the puppies latched on and went to town while the man and Mr Rogers kept talking about puppies and babies.

Go Mr Rogers! :)


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:43 PM |  

    Mr. Rogers on one show does deal with breastfeeding. He shows a video of baby animals nursing first, then human mothers of different races nursing - even milk dripping from the nipple of one mother as she helps her baby latch on.

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