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Attack of the MEME!!!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wikipedia is handy if you've never heard of a meme...

Anyway, Carrie over at Blah Blah Blog has "invited" me to a come as you are blog party. (and she HAD to let me know about it on a day when I look like I haven't slept in months...oh wait...I HAVEN'T slept in months!)

So here I am...

I'm late to the game because I'm just coming off maternity leave and now have to do my REAL job on top of breastfeeding non-stop, keeping my two year old from falling into the Christmas tree again and fullfilling my obsessive need to blog about all things boobie.

So anyway...picture was taken about five minutes ago. That's me nursing Emmitt while Nora sits next to us watching Seasame Street. Oh yeah, I'm perfecting my one-handed typing skills as well. (The laptop sits on the couch next to me while I'm nursing.) All further proof that only a mother REALLY understands the idea of multi-tasking. ;)

Apparently I'm now supposed to invite someone. And by invite...I mean that you also have to post an unflattering picture that was taken of you as soon as possible after getting your invite and that you have to tell us what you were doing when it was taken. (and saying that you were cursing me for making you take a photo of YOURself without make-up does NOT count :-P )

Thus, I invite Jax, K (yes Kelly, I mean YOU), Angela and One Smarmy Mama...just cause...well...I think smarmy is cute! ;)

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  1. Anonymous Jax | 12:23 PM |  

    OK, I'm posting now.

  2. Anonymous Angela | 2:02 PM |  

    Done! That was fun :)

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:17 AM |  

    Fun stuff ;)

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:09 PM |  

    Ahhhh! Oh my, I've missed this. Must find the camera.

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