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The Things They Teach in School...

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Now I, being a conservative, have never been a fan of the somewhat "out there" teachings of your average college professor.

That said, Angela over at Breastfeeding 1-2-3 shares the following quote from Dr. Jordan Finkelstein of Penn State...

Taste some infant formulas sometime. Why any kid would drink this is beyond my comprehension, this stuff tastes awful. And if you ever get the chance you should taste some breast milk, I’ll have to tell you that this stuff tastes delicious.

Tee hee...anyone else wondering if his wife breastfed...and if she didn't...how it is that he knows what breastmilk tastes like? ;)


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:11 PM |  

    adult breastfeeding is TOTALLY gross.

    not to mention unmanly for men.

    plus - a child is like a blank computer when born.

    they really don't know what's good or what's bad - or what's right & what's wrong.

    so since they haven't tasted 'delicious milk' they don't really know if infant milk tastes good or bad.

    whatever it tastes - is THE TASTE.
    the only taste.

    so mr. weird Dr. Jordan Finkelstein's experiment is purely bogus.

    having said that - *of course* mother's milk tastes better than any milk on earth!

    no doubt about it.

    for the main reason that it's the
    most natural diet a baby can get in the whole world.

    plus there are 10001 other reasons i don't wanna list here - but you get the idea :-)

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