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National Nurse-in Scheduled for Delta Counters

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Friday, November 17, 2006

This could be fun...

It appears that once again, a corporation has underestimated the power of moms and the Internet. Thanks to a post over at Mothering.com that has now spread through quite a few online communities (and will shortly over take the blogosphere, I'm sure)...it appears that there will be a NATIONWIDE nurse-in next week.

The nurse-in is scheduled for next Tuesday, November 21st in at 10am in front of Delta ticket counters at airports across the country. Remember, you don't have to be a nursing mom to attend a nurse-in, you can go as a soon to be nursing mom, a past nursing mom, the father of a nursling, or even just someone that wants to support a womans' right to nurse her child whenever...wherever.

You can follow the planning at the Mothering forums or at ProMom.

For now, I'm off to dig up information from some boards to see if I'll be the only one at Port Columbus or if some other nursing moms plan on showing up as well. ;)

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