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Delta and Freedom Airlines Miss Deadline

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Apparently the PR departments at Delta and Freedom Airlines still haven't managed to get their ducks in a row. The two companies filed for an extension yesterday with the Vermont Human Rights Commission after missing their original deadline for response (which was Monday.) According to Emily Gillette's lawyer, the companies now have until December 14th to make their filing.

Interesting. One has to wonder how hard it is to say "We're sorry...we screwed up."

Of course I imagine that their legal department has them ducking and dodging because they are afraid that any actual apology could be used against them in any future civil suits. While that's certainly a viable point, I've got to think that there are better ways to go about things than this. In fact, based on what I've read about Ms. Gillette, I've also got to think that she'd be willing to sign a waiver stating that she would not pursue a civil suit so long as the companies actually prove that they have instituted training and new policies within a reasonable amount of time.

But the legal and public relations dance continue. I wonder if their legal team is more skilled than their public relations team...as the latter seems to have stepped on the feet of everyone else on the dance floor...


  1. Anonymous Throw in the blanket? | 3:28 PM |  

    Ooh - you know what really steams me about this fiasco? The inherent double standard: in this society, a woman can only show a breast is said breast is selling something. But to use it for its intended purpose? Shame shame! It's like men must scrabble for mental purchase because they're reminded that breasts are not just bathtub toys!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:41 PM |  

    I abhor the whole incident, but please note it was a woman who objected and caused the problem in the first place.

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