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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just got on the scale for kicks and I'm within 3 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight again. Woot! Now granted, I have no idea how much I gained...I know at 34 weeks I was up 24 pounds, but I never checked again after that. Thus, I'd guess I gained around 30 pounds.

Granted, I lost about 15 pounds of baby/placenta/amniotic fluid in a matter of about five minutes...but it looks like most of the rest was water weight again. (It took me 13 days to lose all the weight after my first birth, but I only gained 24 pounds total on that one.)


Now to lose the 3 + the 13 pounds I put on in the month after I weaned Nora but before I got pregnant. ;)


  1. Anonymous Alena | 1:41 PM |  

    Whaaaaaaaa????? It took me a year to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I gained almost half of my original weight during pregnancy. My butt was literally bigger than my stomach.


  2. Blogger Jennifer | 2:10 PM |  

    LOL...well if I'd gained half my original weight then yeah, it would take forever.

    But it was probably 25-30 pounds and I had 9.5 pound kid. Add in fluid and the placenta and the extra blood and that's what...like 15+ pounds gone as soon as baby is born.

    Last time I gained 24 pounds, 10 of which went on in the last two weeks as pure water weight.

    I have zero appetite when pregnant...which is funny, because I am not a thin person. Even once I get back to my pre-preg weight, I'd like to drop another 30 pounds or so.

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