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Showing too much while breastfeeding

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Friday, October 13, 2006


I've nursed all over the place in the last two weeks. Church, the mall, the doctor's office, the bakery, Chik-fil-et, the car, Target, if I've been there, I've nursed there. Haven't had a single comment or complaint.

The only complaint I get is when I nurse at home.

Who would have thought I'd need nursing tops for use in my own home.

Elnora thinks so.

No, seriously. She has NO problem with the breasts, with Emmitt nursing, she's intrigued actually. She wanted to know what I was doing the first few days and I'd tell her "Emmitt is drinking milk." Then she'd hold up her sippy of milk and I'd say "yep, that's Nora's milk, this is Emmitt's milk." She's cool with that.

But, if I nurse in a regular shirt and show some stomach, she comes over, points at me and says "yuck!"

Thanks kid. Way to make mom feel good. :-P

But if I cover up with a blanket or burp cloth or whatever, she's perfectly content.

*hmph!* I thought I was doing pretty good...checked the scales this morning and I'm actually down four pounds less than my pre-preg weight. Let's hear it for round-the-clock nursers!

Some day, when she's a teenager, I'm going to get a lot of glee from pointing at her bare stomach and saying "yuck!"

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  1. Anonymous the SmockLady | 9:14 AM |  

    And for those who want to wear regular clothes/shirts in their already available wardrobe but don't want to show tummy (in public) there is this little gem that I like (especially in the cold weather): the Belly Band.

  2. Anonymous Alena | 1:45 PM |  

    When I first started nursing, I bought all kinds of nursing bras and tanktops and shirts and what not. I hated the nursing shirts, because they had absolutely no style. So after a couple of months I ended up having my own nursing clothes system which I've been using ever since (my son is 2 now and still nursing). I wear a tank top with a built in bra underneath, and any shirt on top.

    Pull up a shirt, pull down the tank top, baby happily nursing, you're covered and don't look like a dud. If you want extra boob coverage, you can try these tanktops: http://www.glamourmom.com/
    I really liked them at first, but after about a year switched to regular tank tops. I guess after a year you really don't care how much of your boob is showing :)

  3. Blogger amelia | 7:55 PM |  

    I am totally amazed that you have so quickly gotten back to your pre-pregnany clothes! I don't lose the rest of my pregnancy weight until AFTER I quit nursing. I hold onto 10-15 lbs and it doesn't matter what I do but it refuses to leave until I quit nursing.
    It has been fun reading about your journey--thanks for sharing!

  4. Blogger Jennifer | 6:58 AM |  

    See, I'm the opposite. The pounds melt away while I nurse, but when I quit, it's like my metabolism goes haywire.

    I did the math last time since I was pumping and I knew the calorie count of my milk. I was pumping about 850 calories of milk a day...thus, burning about 850 extra calories a day. That will get the weight down. ;)

    The problem is that when I weaned from the pump, I did it in like three days. My body went nuts because it was like I'd been a marathon runner and suddenly became a couch potato. I put 13 pounds on in like three weeks.

    Then I got pregnant. LOL. So even with the extra weight loss, I still weigh more than I did back before I got pregnant.

    This time around I'm eating when I'm hungry (which means eating like a horse) so hopefully my metabolism will match up better. When I wean Emmitt, I can cut back on food. With Nora, I never increased my food intake, so my body had to adjust to less food with moe calories burned. When I quit pumping, there was no way to cut back food, so poof, there came the weight.


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