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Elnora and Emmitt

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

One of the things that I wondered most about having Emmitt was how Elnora would react to things. While I know there are always going to be sibling rivalry issues, I've got to hope that those early days do end up being somewhat indicitive of how things might go in the future.

Thus far, "those early days" are going very very well. I attribute that to two things...

1.) We didn't vanish for three days (to go to the hospital) and come home with some new bundle of baby that suddenly takes up all our time. Instead, she was here for the birth and her daily schedule/routine stayed pretty much the same. (except that she took an hour nap instead of a three our nap the day he was born...cause hey, grandma and grandpa were here and who wants to sleep with them around!)

2.) She's a girl. She's a little helper and she's pretty nurturing...thus, even at 23 months, she went straight into "big sister" mode. She'll go get us a diaper, she takes his diapers to the trash, she brings me the phone or the remote or whatever if I'm nursing and can't get it myself. And the kisses...oh the kisses. She LOVES to kiss his head.

Basically, she's totally accepted him into the family. First thing she does every morning is find him (whether he's sleeping or nursing) and give him kisses or point and squeal. When he cries, she brings him toys. When he sleeps, she drags a chair to the pack n play, climbs up and stares at him. When he's nursing, she climbs up next to us and watches to see what's going on. If he's asleep on my shoulder, she climbs into my lap and lays her head on my chest so it's facing his, but about two inches away.

I hope this lasts. ;)

A few pics of their interactions this week...


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:57 PM |  

    They are just precious! You're lucky. :)

  2. Blogger Carrie Willard | 2:28 PM |  

    In my opinion this is one of the most underrated benefits of homebirth! I had no problems with sibling jealousy until the baby in question was toddling around being a nuisance. ;)

    Oh, that and tandem nursing. LOL

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