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Differences in Nursing Verses Pumping

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Friday, October 27, 2006

This certainly isn't going to cover ALL of the differences, but there are three very noticable ones that I've found in the past few weeks.

1.) Leakage. I RARELY had any type of leakage from my breasts the last go round, at least not once I got past those few days of engorgement. I would often wake up feeling very "full" since I didn't pump at night, but I never had a problem with leaking. In fact, once I was about three weeks in, I didn't even have to wear nursing pads any more.

This time around...leakage is a HUGE issue. I'd imagine because a nursing tot is so muc more effective at stimulating milk supply. During the day, I find that I have to change out my nursing pads 3-5 times, especially on my "heavy milk" side. At night, when I'm not wearing a bra, I have to put a folded hand towel on the side that I'm not nursing with because I leak a good 2-3 OUNCES out of the side that isn't being nursed from.

I hope that stops eventually...it's kind of annoying...

2.) Let Down. When I was pumping, I could SEE the let down and could sort of feel it. After a minute or so of pumping, milk would start flowing full force. That said, I never quite got what people meant when they said they felt the let down.

This go round, I get it, I REALLY get it. Within about 30-60 seconds of Emmitt latching on, I feel a slight soreness in both breasts. Almost like they're bruised...it only lasts for about a minute, but I KNOW that this is when milk starts flowing like mad. If Emmitt happens to pull off during this time, I get an arc of milk that shoots about 8 feet. No joke, I could hit someone standing across the room. For this reason, I've discovered that it's essential to have a burp cloth nearby for covering up the nipple if he unlatches. Otherwise we'd both be soaked. As it is, he's been shot in the eye about a dozen times now.

3.) Hand Expression. I was NEVER able to get more than a few drops from hand expression the last go round. Didn't much matter because I simply used the pump. In fact, I could never understand why someone would want to hand express when pumps were so handy.

This go round, I tried it once just to see if it would work. I was able to hand express 4 ounces from one side in about 10 minutes. Holy smokes! Of course I also found that hand expression makes me feel far more like saying "moo" than the pump ever did... ;)

So strange to have given my first breast milk for 14 months but still feel like all of this is so new on the second go round...


  1. Anonymous Mary | 10:06 AM |  

    8 feet? Wow!

    I know what you mean about how different it is the second time around... so different, and still so wonderful.

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