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Dairy Free Breastfeeding Mom in California

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Here's a rare request, but one that I hope a Lactivist reader can either meet, or can spread the word on to help meet.

From Pauline Sakamoto, director of the Mother's Milk Bank of San Jose.

Here's the note:

There is an infant in San Jose that is suffering from an extreme case of severe bovine protein allergy. The infant was breastfed then within a short time, he developed severe vomiting and bloody stools. The mother was able to provide milk for the little one by excluding all foods that had dairy. The infant stabilized but then had a serious problem that required GI surgery. At that time, the mother lost a lot of her milk supply. He is post op right now, not doing well on any formulas. We have regular donor milk available in the hospital for him but the physicians need non dairy donor milk. I am looking all over the US for the milk. The milk banks are having problems keeping up with the demand.

If you can help, or no someone that can, please contact the milk bank using the links posted above. If you can't help, please consider posting this request on your own blog or on message boards that you frequent.


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