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Totally Comfy!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wow...just finished inflating the kiddie pool that I ordered to use for a labor tub. Took me all of about twenty minutes and that was with a hand pump. My arms aren't even tired! I thought we'd have to use the air compressor and a few tanks of air to do it...

Once I got it inflated, I just had to climb in and sit down to see how it felt. (It's got an inflatable floor...) TOTALLY comfy! Geeze, even without water I liked being in there. I can sit up against one wall with my legs straight out in front of me. Add in the fact that the side walls are the PERFECT height for me to rest my arms on and to lean my head back against.

I can only imagine how nice it's going to be when we actually fill it with water.

Planning a test run of filling it this evening. Giving serious thought to pulling out my swim suit and hopping in there for a bit just because. ;)

Anyone looking for a good birthing pool...this one seems to qualify so far!


  1. Anonymous chasmyn | 11:31 AM |  

    That looks like a great tub! And yay for padded floors!

  2. Blogger Joanne | 1:58 PM |  

    I used a pool similar to this when my son was born in July. (The same brand but I think a little bit smaller.) It was awesome! The padded floor was nice. I have some great birth pics with the fishie pool.

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