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Wish I Saw This More Often

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

What a great picture over on Flickr!

Wouldn't it be nice to see this posted in front of more restaurants?

Pro Breastfeeding sign at restaurant


  1. Anonymous Tina | 10:22 AM |  

    How marvelous!

    And unfortunately, my girlfriend just got tossed out of an Applebees in Columbia MD for breastfeeding.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:58 AM |  

    breastfeeding is now legal in any public place in new york. I own a small "pub"/restaurant that is open for lunch,and close to a baby store..after I quietly asked a woman if she would feed her child in the office..I was berated by her and her friend.. This should not be legal in public. I shouldnt have to see it in my own rest., or anywhere. so my solution..I now keep several disposable cameras at the bar, and take pictures....they usually stop!!!

  3. Blogger Jennifer | 5:42 AM |  

    I suppose you enjoy going and eating your food in the restroom, or that you lock up formula feeding moms because you are embarrassed that their child wishes to eat as well?

    It's a shame that you didn't let us know what the name of your pub was. I'd love to write to the state legislature and let them know your "plan" to discourage moms from breastfeeding in public. I hope you realize that's called "harrassment" and it's a great way to get yourself fined.

    Overall, I think you need to grow up.

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