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Great commentary on modern birth...

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Midwife Attended Birth and Modern Medicine

Love this...not only does it show a good sense of humor, but it makes some really good points about the reality of birth today.

John Robbins wrote about one such study that compared an equally matched number of midwife-attended home births to hospital births.

"The study found that women birthing in hospitals were five times more likely to have high blood pressure during labor; nine times more likely to tear; three times more likely to hemorrhage; and three times more likely to undergo cesarean sections."

But aren't all the interventions justified to protect the babies, even if they are somewhat tough on the moms?

"The hospital-born babies were six times more likely to suffer fetal distress before birth; four times more likely to need assistance to start breathing; and four times more likely to develop infections," according to the study.

Also love this one...

Using an obstetrician for normal birth is like using a pediatrician as a
babysitter," wrote birthing specialist Marsden Wagner.


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    Forwarded that to all my friends! great article

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