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Pregnancy Update - Personal Stuff

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Before everyone starts bugging me again ;) I thought I'd post a pre-emptive pregnancy update just to let folks know how things are going.

The pregnancy...

Going very well now! Must better than a month or so ago. I seem to have the ability to survive without daily naps again, which is a big step forward. Regular chiropractic care is also making a world of difference with my back. On the other hand, I'm really kind of glad that I had that really early ultrasound to date things and they only found one baby in there. I am already showing much more this time than last time (I'd say I look about two months ahead of where I did last time.) Also, this baby is a KICKER...way more so than Nora was.

Those two things combined would really have me wondering about the possibility of twins if it hadn't already been ruled out. Again...thank goodness for that ultrasound. ;)

The puking...

Yay! Tis all gone! That high protein diet made a world of difference in my nausea. I wish I'd known to do it the last time around. (Pretty simple really, 75-100 grams of protein a day spaced out in 5-6 meals.)

It's been replaced by heartburn though. The kind that makes you want to cry. With that in mind, not only were Tums ineffective, but I also found out that you really shouldn't take Tums or Rolaids while pregnant. (who knew?! (To save space, find out why you should avoid Tums over here...) So, Tums are out and papaya extract is in! Small, chewable tablets that taste like mild sweeet tarts. They work ten times better and take effect much faster than Tums. These things will become a regular addition to my medicine chest.

The birth plans...

Still going swimmingly. Everything looking good with baby and the birth plans. Still debating over whether or not to rent a birth tub...I can't see the sense of getting one that doesn't have a built in heater, because I really don't want to deal with pouring more and more hot water in to keep it warm. Thus, we're looking at pretty hefty expenses for that...especially since I only want it to labor in, not to birth in. Would love feedback from readers on this...

The predictions...

This is always kinda fun and I did it last time...was right on most of them (except for how long labor would be, LOL.)

So...here it is on record...we'll compare the reality in another 3-4 months.

Birth Date: October 4th, 5th or 6th (hopefully not labor lasting through all three)
Birth Time: Evening...7pm-10pm
Gender: Boy (so totally a boy)
Weight: around 9 pounds
Labor length: 16 hours

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:53 PM |  

    OK, I landbirthed my 1st (9 hour labor total, unmedicated, at hospital w/ an OB and doula, 8lb 6oz girl). Waterbirthed my 2nd (116 minute labor total, unmedicated, at home in an AquaDoula tub w/ a hands-off midwife & her apprentice in attendance, 9lb 8oz boy). I'd never had a particular feeling of really wanting to waterbirth (I like to keep my options open), but damn if it didn't save my butt this time around! I have no idea how I would have handled such a rip-roarin', super fast labor had I not been in the tub. I was able to get into and hold positions as my body told me I needed to (you know, the pain tells you to MOVE!), was semi-weightless, and looking back, I just wouldn't have wanted to have to figure that out on land. So... as always, consider your options and keep open those that you might want to do/try/use. And then when it comes time to birth that baby? Listen to your mama gut! You'll know whether you need to be on land or in the water, and that will be the best, right answer for you. :) Congrats on making it out of the nausea woods - best wishes for a peaceful pregnancy and beautiful birth! -M

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