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Mistrial for Mom Accused of Murder by Breastmilk

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The LA Times reports that the trial of Amy Leanne Prien, the mother accused of killing her 3 month old by nursing him after smoking methamphetamines, has ended in a deadlocked jury and has been declared a mistrial. Prien was convicted of second-degree murder in 2003, but the ruling was overturned by a state appellate court due to an error by the judge.

From the article:

Toxicology tests showed methamphetamine in Jacob's blood, liver and stomach.

But the autopsy did not determine how the boy ingested the drug.

Prien used the drug for more than a decade, and friends testified they had used methamphetamine with her throughout her pregnancy and while she cared for Jacob. But Prien told jurors during the second trial that she did not use drugs while she was pregnant.

Yagman contended that prosecutors did not have evidence to prove that breast milk killed Jacob. He noted that Prien's breast milk was not tested at the time of his death.

Prien said she stopped breastfeeding in November, more than two months before she found Jacob dead in her bed on Jan. 19, 2002. But Donald Fox, Prien's roommate, testified that he watched her breastfeed Jacob several days before the child's death.

From what I've read, it sounds like there are some legitimate questions about exactly what happened and exactly how the drug got in his system, but I will say two things...

1.) If she had stopped nursing more than two months before, it would have been pretty easy to show (at the time of death) that she didn't have any more milk. I've not known anyone that could squeeze more than a drop or two after more than two months of no nursing...

2.) Whether the baby got the meth from breastmilk or something else...is there really ANY question that this mother is unfit and led to the death of her child?


  1. Blogger melinda9723 | 11:13 AM |  

    Wow, it never seems to amaze me what some women will continue to do during pregnancy ! For the sake of the unborn child don't they know it is a privilage to have kids ! Thanks for posting.

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