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Hospital Mix-up Leads to Breastfeeding Strangers

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Without home birth or rooming in, another bit of anecdotal "evidence" of what can go wrong when mom and baby are separated.


Garcia's joy over her new baby boy Marcelino is tempered by worry over his health.

Monica Garcia, mother: "They tell me something went wrong, and my heart just dropped."

The something wrong was that Marcelino was mistakenly given to another mother -- a stranger also named Garcia, who breastfed him, not realizing it wasn't her son.

Yeeks...though quite honestly, I can't imagine NOT knowing that it was my baby. I mean maybe the other mom had a section or was really foggy from medication or something?

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  1. Anonymous the SmockLady | 8:54 PM |  

    I know that the problem here is the mixup the hospital made, but I want to tell a quick funny on nursing another's child:
    my cousin was in college living in the married housing dorms with her newborn and their neighbor had also had a baby in the past two weeks. Neighbor hubby got hit by a car while riding his bike home. My cousin and her neighbor were outside on their porch when they got the call about the hit and run. Although hubby was fine he did need an ambulance ride for a badly broken leg. The neighbor just ran out to the car after my cousin told her just go, I'll take care of the baby. Well, a few hours past and she could no longer console the baby and he wouldn't take a passy or a bottle so in desperation she stuck him to her breast while nursing hers and just as she did the mother walked in. My cousin wasn't sure how she'd react but laughter was all either could muster. the neighbor was not the least bit upset. As a matter of fact neither one was willing to stop the process as he had been so upset.

  2. Blogger Jennifer | 5:11 AM |  


    Yeah, there is a huge difference between someone you know and trust doing that in a pinch and having the nurses simply deliver your baby to someone else for a session.

    Oddly enough, I wouldn't have a problem nursing someone else's child...I just don't want anyone else nursing mine. LOL.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:11 PM |  

    I am not against adoptive or surrogate nursing or anything, but I would not want anyone else to nurse my baby. Not even a friend or family member. In the situation described with the broken leg emergency, I probably could tolerate that, because it is an emergency, the person is not a stranger and the person caring for the child is actually having natural lactation. The situation with the mix-up in the hospital is a little disturbing. However, unless the mother was HIV positive or using dangerous substances, the baby is probably OK, and it's not the woman's fault. What I find creepy are stories about non-lactating women nursing babies on the sly. Maybe at a daycare or a relative in charge of a baby. They sometimes develop induced lactation from the suckling. I'm not sure if it is perverted, peodophilia, or just a lonely women playing out a fantasy to be mommy, but whatever it is, it is clearly wrong!

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