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Malaysian Art Exhibit Promotes Breastfeeding

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Monday, May 08, 2006

This is pretty neat and yay for Malaysia! I've seen a lot of positive breastfeeding news coming out of there recently...

Promoting Breastfeeding Through Art Exhibit

From the article:

SUCKLING babies at their mothers’ breasts were illustrated using various mediums and techniques in the ‘Mo-ther’s Love II – 2006’ art exhibition.

Portraits of serene women breastfeeding their babies against a rural backdrop interspersed with poster-like paintings and more expressionist oils.

It goes on to talk about the change in perceptions about breastfeeding over time...

“Breastfeeding is often considered a natural activity, yet the ability to do it re-volves around issues that may be political or ideological. There was nothing em-barrassing about going about the village wrapped in a sarung and pulling the cloth down to breastfeed a baby under a tree during my mother’s time.

“Now, however, women would feel constrained to breastfeed their babies in public,” she said.

Waba staff Julianna Abdullah said it was time to realize that breastfeeding was not a sensual but nurturing act.


  1. Blogger TulipGirl | 10:06 AM |  

    I've posted a series on Breastfeeding Art in the past. Here's one of my favorite sketches.

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