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Breastfeeding Record

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

How many breastfeeding moms does it take to set a world record?

Apparently, 3,738 of them.

Reuters has the story.

Burps, slurps and thirsty cries echoed around the Philippine capital on Thursday as 3,738 mothers gathered to break the world breastfeeding record.

The large number of tired moms was a coup for organisers, trying to promote breastfeeding in a country where many poor families believe that expensive powdered milk is more nutritious.


  1. Blogger Amanda | 5:54 AM |  

    This is OT but I juts wanted to share an update:

    The SC breastfeeding legislation has been signed into law as Act 289 by Gov. Mark Sanford on May 2nd, 2006. The law became effective the minute he signed it.

  2. Blogger My Baby and More | 7:03 PM |  

    Love it! Every little bit of breastfeeding information and news helps the general public gain the knowlegde they need to make the best choices for their baby. Now if the U.S. Mamas coud do something like this . . . :)

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:47 PM |  

    I love this story. In this era of post modern existentialism, we need more mums who aren't afraid to go out in public and breastfeed. It's great stand against our plasticine society to see women standing against bottle-feeding and giving our children the nutrients they need. On a different note: I've heard that some Philippine parents add seaweed extract to their expensive powdered milk to try and add nutrients, is this true?

  4. Anonymous a disgruntled reader | 12:12 AM |  

    I've never heard of the seaweed thing. I hope it's not true.
    Whats wrong with just plain old breast milk?! It annoys me when people chase miracle cures and super additives when nature already provides quite sufficiently.
    What next? Powdered unicorn horn in farex?

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