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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ok, so Kelly says I've gotta give pregnancy updates. :) So here goes...

Four months in...and so so so thankful for my midwife. This time last pregnancy, I was still puking my guts out on an almost daily basis. This time around, thanks to a midwife that rides me about my diet (100 grams of protein a day! Protein! PROTEIN!) I'm almost always doing pretty good nausea wise.

Energy wise...blech. I'm still dragging big time... I really took it for granted that the last time around, I could sleep in in the mornings if I was tired. This time, I don't have that option because I've got to get up when Elnora gets up. Thus, instead of the 10 hours of sleep that I seem to need in my pregnant state, I'm very lucky to pull in 7 or 8. Anyone else find that they were just flat out exhausted the second (third? fourth?) time around?

Emotional wise...way worse this time around...which is funny, because most of the things I had anxiety about last time are gone. (I know how to deal with labor, I know how to be a mom...) On the other hand, I have no idea how I'll manage to keep working at home with two little ones. Mentally, things seem to hit harder this time around, though that could just be the stress of pregnancy while taking care of another kid.

Birth wise...still excited about the home birth. :) Trying to decide if we should rent a tub for laboring in. I have no desire to have a water birth, but I'd love to be able to labor in a nice warm tub. Also still trying to figure out how to approach my dad to tell him about it. Pretty much all of the rest of the family knows and they're supportive...but dad could easily go either way. You all know how dads are. ;)

Oh...and I missed my goal. I'd hoped to make it to twenty weeks before having to switch to maternity clothes...(I know, I know, hefty goal) but I fell three weeks short. Oh well...it's nice to not have to suck stomach in anymore. ;)

That said, only up three pounds, so that's nice. I only gained about 24 pounds the last time, and 9 of that was in the last two weeks. Had it all gone by 13 days after Elnora was born. Kinda hoping for a repeat. (Don't hate me, even without my pregnancy weight, I could still lose another 30 pounds) :)

Happy Kelly? :)

  1. Blogger K | 4:07 AM |  

    Yes, happy now! :-) We are at least a year away from going for No. 2, so I need this info to soothe my preggo jonesin'!

    Glad to hear how well everything is going, well, except for the sleeping thing and the anxiety over how you will handle two. I can't do anything about the sleep, but I suspect you will handle two very well!

  2. Blogger the SmockLady | 6:44 AM |  

    Oh, man! 17 weeks and just getting into maternity clothes? WHEW! I hit maternity clothes with my first around 20 something weeks. Now 10 weeks with baby number six I am in maternity clothes now. It's a combo of sorts. My style has me in very fitted and tailored clothes normally. Well, when the tummy wants to puke only when something touches it or is too tight I go loose fit right away. Having carried five babies and the tummy muscles being able to take only so much, once the hormones really hit, I lost control of the ability to suck it in. So I am wearing the pants/shorts that only have the wide band all the way around and not the big panel in front - that way I can still wear some regular or slightly larger t-shirts. But the dresses are a different story. I have no dresses in my closet that aren't tailored and fitted unless they are maternity. So...I may spend a little money on some loser fit style knock around dresses for the next month or so. I just hate to spend the money.

  3. Blogger Jennifer | 7:13 AM |  

    K, that makes me feel better...I was 20 weeks or a little more on my first pregnancy before switching over...but I'd heard that with each extra pregnancy, you have to switch a little sooner. :)

    I'm ALL ABOUT the maternity pants with the wide band instead of the panel. I only had two pairs of panel pants last time...I have shorts, a skirt, capris, jeans and khakis with the panel and wore those for most of my last pregnancy. Hoping for the same thing this time.

    You're right, seems like such a waste to buy clothes that you're going to wear for all of four or five months. Blech.

    At least this time around the popular styles are longer shirts and looser styles that work well as maternity clothes. ;)

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