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Want to Read More About Midwifery?

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Since I'll be adding the topics of homebirth and midwifery to my blog (maybe even doulas too...since not everyone wants to have a birth at home), I thought I'd throw out some suggested reading.

While there are tons and tons of great books out there, and I'll make it a point to review many of them over the next few months, one that stands out in particular, especially for those considering a midwife or a home birth is Peggy Vincent's Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife.

This is the book that truly converted me from "that's interesting" to "wow! that's for me!" I checked it out of the library after my last birth and ordered it from Amazon last night so that I can lend it to my mother-in-law. (She's supportive of the home birth, but carries some concerns. She was an L&D nurse and has a hard time getting past "but what if")

The book follows one woman's journey from L&D nurse to CNM doing both hospital and home births. In fact, I seem to recall that she was one of the first CNM's to gain hospital privledges in the Bay area. It's an amazing read, leaves you feeling empowered, in awe, in shock and even sometimes in tears.

Just head to the Amazon page and read the first few pages that appear in "search inside the book" I can pretty much promise it will leave you ready to hunt down the book and devour it. :)


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