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Thursday, March 30, 2006

From the "what in the world?!" files...

Women are having surgery to rejuvenate their love lives

When Jeanette Yarborough decided to give her husband a gift for their seventeenth wedding anniversary she wanted it to be special. Really special. She decided that conventional treats such as Mediterranean cruises, gold watches, cars, a murder-mystery weekend, or even a boob job just weren’t going to cut it. She gave him something much more personal — and painful. Her virginity.

Well, sort of. Mrs Yarborough paid $5,000 (£2,860) to a cosmetic surgeon to stitch her hymen back together so she could “lose her virginity” all over again and her husband would have that thrilling conquest at the grand age of 40.

Ok...so lemme get this straight...we now live in a world where people are so vain and have so much extra cash lying around that they'll devote three months of recovery time and a enough money to pay for a year's tutition at a public university to a few seconds of "fun" for their husbands?



  1. Blogger Natural Mom | 3:29 PM |  

    That is just as disgusting as Female Genital Mutilation.

  2. Blogger Natural Mom | 3:34 PM |  

    Ever heard of Kegel exercises? Puh-leeze! This is so gross. I'm in much better "shape", according to my husband, after 4 naturally delivered babies. Thanks to good muscle tone...

  3. Blogger Rachel | 10:49 AM |  

    It boggles the mind. I have a post up on this in response to a similar NYTimes story from January, and an older one here.

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