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Excellent Letter to the Editor

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Saw a great, if short, letter to the editor today in the Mississippi Clarion-Ledger. The letter was in response to a prior letter that talked about the need for Mississippi to exempt breastfeeding from the indecency laws.

What a joke! A fuss is made about a young mother breastfeeding her baby in public ("Miss. 'decency' law should exempt breastfeeding moms," Feb. 2 letter), when the fashion of the day is to expose all of the breast possible without going to jail.

In my youth, mothers nursed their babies even in Sunday school; they did, however, keep their clothes on the rest of the time and were prettier for it.

Richard W. Metz

I love it, so simple, so accurate and so...well...real.

Good for Richard Metz. ;)


  1. Blogger K | 4:11 PM |  

    That is a great letter. I will never understand the uproar over NIP. Low rise jeans, plunging necklines, THONGS -- attire often inappropriate in many settings. But NIP -- get over it!

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