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Need a Good Laugh? Check out Mama C-Ta

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

As much as breastfeeding advocacy is an important issue, we were at The Lactivist (and by we I mean me and Nora) strongly feel that without some humor in your life, it's all for naught.

That's why I occasionally get my kicks and giggles catching up on the latest posts over at the Mama C-Ta blog. If you've got a sense of humor that finds shirts like "nip/suck" and "Nipple Nazi" amusing, then you'll probably think that Mama C-Ta is worth a read as well.

A recent gem:

You can stay, but I'm taking the boob with me
I’ve actually been thinking about going down to only 1 boob. I mean I would keep both of them but only nurse him from my left and let my right side do it’s own thing. I never liked nursing from the right. Ever. I’m just afraid I’d look all uneven. They aren’t in the best shape now so I don’t want to add to their flaws. And I’m a little too old to be stuffing my bra to even them out.
Check it out...some funny stuff going on over there...


  1. Blogger Mama C-ta | 5:50 AM |  

    Awww thanks!! I saw some hits coming from here and your site (well I think all bloggers in general) has been down forever so it took me a while to finally read it!

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