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The Lactivist Indirectly Featured in San Fran Chronicle

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Well, we didn't get the name of the site in there, but they had a great bit about Search Engine Guide and the project itself, so I'm hoping I'll see some traffic funnel over from there. Great write up for Search Engine Guide though! :)

Hey guys! Still sitting in a unpacked room directly connected to my DSL long enough to download email and skim a few sites. Likely won't be fully back online until tomorrow...

Wanted to say "yay!" and post this though...

From the San Francisco Chronicle

One blogger, Jennifer Laycock of Sunbury, Ohio, recently set out to demonstrate how just about anyone can start with nothing and turn a profit within 30 days, using a fulfillment company. Laycock, who works as the editor of Web site Search Engine Guide, decided to open a blog and Cafe Press shop selling shirts that promote breastfeeding and breast milk banking. She'd been pumping and donating some of her milk to a bank for babies in need since her daughter was born last year.

Now, several weeks into the experiment, Laycock has earned $200, which she will donate to her local milk bank. She's chronicling her efforts at www.searchengineguide.com/laycock/.

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