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Breastfeeding On The Road...(Not Literally of Course!)

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

I probably should have made this post a few days back, but since I haven't left for our Christmas travel yet, I figure a few other folks might not have either.

With national debate going on in the UK after British police ordered a young mother to stop breastfeeding while sitting on a public park bench in Wooton last month, it's once again come into the spotlight that not all areas of the world are comfortable with the idea of babies eating when and where they please. That means that it's likely a good idea to check things out before you head off into uncharted territories so that you'll know what your rights are.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has a great "trip tip" this week for nursing mothers headed out to visit family and friends over the holidays: Call up the La Leche League at 1-800-525-3243 and find out the status of breastfeeding protection in the area you are headed to.

You can also check out a post I made to the Lactivist earlier this month that outlines the current breastfeeding laws in all 50 U.S. States. The best bet of all from the Tribune article? Find a federal building. Federal law protects a mother's right to nurse her child on any property owned by the federal government, superseding the laws of any particular state.

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