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Emmitt's First Phone Call

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Monday, June 16, 2008

So Emmitt absolutely loves the phone. Understandable, of course...I mean it's something you hold in your hand and voices magically come out of it. And unlike the Elmo remote control he has, the words and voices are different each time you use it. What's not to love?

So I shouldn't have been surprised when I was working in the living room this morning and my mother popped up on Instant Messenger.

Vickie: Emmitt is calling me on the phone right now in case you didn't know

Well, no, actually I didn't know.

So I headed out to the porch where sure enough, Emmitt was standing there watching some cartoons with the phone pressed to his face and I could hear my mom talking through the receiver to him.

Of course unlike Nora, who talks your ear off, Emmitt only says "uh-huh" when he's on the phone.

When I asked for the phone, he said "no" ran into the play tent they have. I peeked in there in time to see him press a few buttons and laugh hysterically.

Once I got the phone, mom told me the story.

Apparently her phone rang and she picked it up assuming I was calling to chat about the conference, since we'd been working on sponsor pitches this morning. Instead, she got the sound of Jack's Big Music show. Now safe guess would have been Elnora, since she loves to call the grandmas and talk. But when Nora didn't answer, mom figured it out.

Mom: Is that you Emmitt?

Emmitt: Uh-huh

Mom: Are you watching cartoons?

Emmitt: Uh-huh

Mom: Did you have breakfast today?

Emmitt: Uh-huh

Mom: What did you have for breakfast?

Emmitt: Uh-huh (which is better than the real response of juice, honey nut cheerios and rice krispie treats)

That's about the time she sent me the message on Gtalk. ;)

Overall, I guess if he was going to steal the phone and make a call, he did good. Better than having the pizza man or the police show up at the front door, right?


  1. Blogger The Curries | 7:43 AM |  

    My daughter called my MIL, during the Super Bowl, of all times. That in itself was the first clue- being football junkies, we'd never call just to chat during the Super Bowl!
    One time I took the phone from my daughter, and on the screen there was a long combination of nines and ones... thankfully, I got to it before she hit "send"!!!!

  2. Blogger Mozi Esme | 8:44 AM |  

    OK, I left a comment, but baby unplugged the modem, so I'm guessing it didn't save. Apologies if you get two . . .

    As I was saying . . . Good thing it was Grandma! I had to apologize to my employer's operator after Esme called about 8 times in one day and just breathed into the phone.

  3. Blogger Kimberly | 8:49 AM |  

    My mom tells a story that when I was little (2ish) I called someone. She thought I'd called my dad and was chatting w/ his secretary. After a few minutes she heard an unfamiliar male voice. So she took the phone and he said I'd just called him. She said, well are you at least local. He said, yep, I'm right here in Minneapolis! We're in Florida...

  4. Blogger JudyBright | 8:13 PM |  

    Makes me glad I don't have any numbers programmed into my phone.

    Everything is a phone to Catie. She picked up a piece of rubber mulch at the playground and pretended it was a phone.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:45 PM |  

    funny you would say that..my 12 mo. old got ahold of my cell the other day (which I thought was keypad locked). Ten minutes later the phone rang and it was a unknown number..I answered and it was the police dept. letting me know my daughter had just "prank" called 911!!!! I was horrified and amused all at once!

  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:18 PM |  

    My oldest son, who is now 5, when he was just a year old he had dottena hold of our phone and apparently called 911. We were unaware until a police officer showed up at our house. He asked my husband for his drivers license to prove he lived there, and then leaned in and asked me if everything was ok. He then let us know that they had gotten call form our phone and to check the phone. So we looked for the phone which had been shoved under the couch and it was still on with the police! I started to keep a much closer eye on my kid and the phone after that.

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