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Where Oh Where Has the Lactivist Gone?

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Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm here, but my sanity and time are not.

Emmitt is teething and a very big and not fun way.

For the last week, he's hardly eaten a thing (other than breast milk of course) and has been quite the unhappy boy. The not eating has led to diapers of the variety you never want to see, not to mention four, count 'em FOUR full blow-outs.

Sleep is no better. He's been up four times a night and takes at least an hour to get down for the night. (and that's only if I let him cry a bit...it'd be two hours or more otherwise.)

So, needless to say, I'm sleep deprived, stressed and have hardly had time for my "real" job, let alone my hobby sites. So, despite having a ton to say, I find myself having difficulty wanting to sit down and blog during the 30-60 minutes of free time I might get each day.

It won't last forever (I keep telling myself) but he only has seven teeth, so we've got a long way to go.


  1. Blogger MKM | 9:44 PM |  

    I know Emmitt is younger than my 13 month old Bean. Is he going through the 9 month growth spurt / development period? There are several throughout the baby stage but the 44-46 week one is definitely the worst. Their diet, sleep patterns, and general routine goes to hell and they are usually teething and crawling/walking. Plus their brain is about to make a huge developmental jump and its more than they can handle mentally and physically.

    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do except try to make him and your family as comfortable as possible and grin and bear it. As you know it won't last forever!

    If its any consolation my Bean wakes up 3 or 4 times a night almost every night regardless. Really really good (rare) nights she only wakes up once or twice and I think only once, ever, has she slept 7 hours without waking.

    Wanna trade? :-)

  2. Blogger Isil Simsek | 1:54 AM |  

    mine has only got 2 teeth at the moment.so you're better off ;)

  3. Blogger Strawberry | 3:39 AM |  

    You have my complete sympathies. My seven-month-old is just breaking her first tooth and we have reverted to a newborn-like sleeping pattern and it is KILLING me. All I can think about these days is sleep.

    So don't worry, take care, and just blog again whenever you are able.

  4. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 6:29 AM |  

    He'll be a year old in three weeks, so not the 9 month growth spurt. :)

    He's been walking for nearly two months now, so I think that's out of his system too.

    Teeth seem to be the best bet...

    As for sleeping, he's also a three times a night kid, though he'd dropped to twice a night for about three weeks before jumping back to 3-4 times.

    So trading wouldn't put you in much better shape either. ;)

  5. Blogger MKM | 7:52 AM |  

    lol I didn't realize they were so close in age. Mine isn't walking yet unless you count holding on to my fingers and careening around the house like a drunken sailor (isn't it great on your back?!). And she's only got 7 teeth, one of which popped through two days ago. So yeah, I guess we're all in the same boat! :-)

  6. Blogger Ahmie | 8:13 AM |  

    if you think the pain is really bothering him from teething, a couple drops of clove oil in 2 tablespoons of olive oil rubbed on the gums or put on a baby toothbrush and brushed on the area REALLY soothed Liam. We also used Hyland's Teething Tabs and Calms Forte for Kids with him, the CF for Kids seemed to work better than the teething tabs for us and were also good for the one time we thought he had an ear infection. Really seemed to help his quality and quantity of sleep. And Biglow brand chamomile mango tea (it's the only chamomile I've found that I like, I'm not a fan of flowery teas but I love fruity ones). I think I've seen all these products at Giant Eagle if you have one down there that has a natural foods section.

  7. Blogger Renata | 9:37 AM |  

    I finally started praying that my child would automatically sleep through the night (why not?) only to have some of the hardest nights following that prayer. But there is still hope... I was very pleased to see some molars cutting through my 13 month old last weekend. She has been teething forever, but I didn't expect her molars to come through yet. Couple that with trying to get to bed earlier only to then be wide awake in the middle of the night (the sleep I got earlier did help me get through the next day). Anyway, she is starting to sleep a bit better. Hang in there.

  8. Blogger Nancy W | 2:09 PM |  

    Have you tried teething tablets? I am sold on them for my teething baby.

  9. Blogger Corin | 4:19 PM |  

    Just wanted to tell you I feel your pain. Keep truckin' along. Oh, and I've always meant to get a hold of you and tell you thanks so much for the info on milk banking. Very helpful indeed!

  10. Blogger Julie | 5:00 PM |  

    I can definitely relate, and empathize. My little Spice is cutting two-year molars and it's not fun at all. Lots of whining, fussing, nursing, not sleeping and sticking fingers in mouth and complaining, "I no like it. It hurts." Hylands Teething Tablets are helping a little, but not much. I even broke down last night and let her have a popsicle for dinner because she wasn't going to eat anything else and I knew the cold would make her feel better.

  11. Blogger JudyBright | 8:53 PM |  

    Catie is still toothless.

    I hear Vicodin is helpful with kids this age.

    It sure helped me.

    Give it to yourself or the baby. It works either way.

    Or try those clove teething tabs. ;P

  12. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:12 AM |  

    I think Natalya is teething too. She has been screaming for a few nights in a row, up every hour or two, won't go down, etc, etc etc :(

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