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My New License Plate

Looking for The Lactivist? She's retired. But you CAN still find Jen blogging. These days, she's runs A Flexible Life. Join her for life, recipes, projects and the occasional rant.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They arrived this week!



  1. Blogger Unknown | 6:16 AM |  


  2. Blogger JudyBright | 6:19 AM |  

    So you don't have tv stations? I don't get it ;)

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:15 AM |  

    Hey that is awesome!!!
    People will be tooting/beeping at you all the time now!!!!


  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:02 AM |  


  5. Blogger Chloe | 8:48 AM |  

    Excellent! We're in Tennessee, not Ohio, but if I see you on a road trip I'll honk!

  6. Blogger Ahmie | 9:39 AM |  

    that shows true dedication considering the price jump for personalized plates in ohio ;)

  7. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:44 AM |  

    Okay, so I'm a rather new reader but I somehow missed that you were an Ohio mama. HELLO FROM OHIO! (SE Ohio here.)

    I'll beep if I see you.

  8. Blogger tanya@motherwearblog | 11:16 AM |  


  9. Blogger lulubelle | 11:16 AM |  

    Oh...very cool!!!!

  10. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 11:28 AM |  

    Hey Jenna! So glad to see another Ohio mom!

    Have you joined the Ohio Breastfeeding Coalition email list?

    Also, if you're around next spring, I'll be throwing the second annual "Lactivist Bash" in the Columbus area. We had the first one this past April. I'd hoped to do another one in the fall, but it just didn't pan out. :( (Unless we have a warm October and I get inspired...)

  11. Blogger Kind of Crunchy Mama | 4:02 PM |  

    So cool!

  12. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:13 PM |  

    Very cool! Just wondering if you'll get flashed by other lactating drivers...?! :)

  13. Blogger Brandy | 1:26 PM |  

    Wicked awesome!

  14. Blogger Crunchy Domestic Goddess | 10:54 AM |  

    that is seriously da coolest! love it. :)


  15. Blogger josetteplank.com | 1:33 PM |  

    That's cool!

    I think lactivists should have a sign we could flash each other on the road like the Harley riders...

    maybe we could flash each other on the road? lol.

  16. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:09 PM |  

    i was wondering whether you've read the current issue of mothering magazine specifically the article about extended nursing?
    was wondering what you thought about the advice to talk to your toddler about the appropriate places to nurse? grocery store and restaurant not being one (appropriate, that is)

  17. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 3:14 PM |  

    Haven't seen it...might have to look it up.

    Knowing the source though, are you sure it said they weren't appropriate places to nurse, or was it just the author/mom giving an example of the limits she set on her OWN toddlers?

  18. Anonymous Anonymous | 4:50 PM |  

    It was under a sidebar for tips for nursing toddlers. My jaw pretty much dropped after reading that. I had to re-read it and it left the same bitter taste in my mouth.
    Was wondering if you've read it. Maybe I'm being too sensitive/picky. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. :)

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