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Friday, July 06, 2007

Judybright had a great idea. Why not have a quote contest on the picture of grumpy Emmitt in his "milk addict" shirt.

So, here's the deal. I'll give you guys until next Wednesday to post quotes in the comment section of this thread. I'll pick my five favorites and put up a poll to let everyone vote for the two days after that. (No anonymous quotes though, I have to be able to track you down.)

The favorite quote wins the item of their choice from The Lactivist store. (Have friends that also wish they had a Lactivist shirt? Invite them to come and submit their quotes as well!)

Could be fun, no?

So have at it...what's he thinking when he makes this face?

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  1. Blogger Anna | 8:10 PM |  

    "Mom! How could you put me in PINK??"

    Or how about... "Can't you please just give us our name back?"

    Wait - that might have been a wee bit inappropriate. Oops.

    "But, why is the milk gone?" in his best Jack Sparrow impression.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:20 PM |  

    I'm hungry but I don't know how to un-hook my Mommy's bra!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:44 PM |  

    Weaning?! I know I'm an addict, but that sounds way too much like detox for babies! No way!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:12 PM |  

    Please don't say the F* word!!!


  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:21 AM |  

    It's been three hours, I'm going through withdrawl!

  6. Blogger Kelly | 8:53 AM |  

    "You don't understand, man, it's been too long! I'm starting to get the shakes!"

  7. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:44 AM |  

    "Come on mom, I know you got some, PLEASE just give me a taste of the good stuff!"

  8. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:51 AM |  

    withdrawl is hell

  9. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:31 PM |  

    "Crying over spilled (breast) milk"

  10. Blogger JudyBright | 2:55 PM |  

    Emmitt just found out that a new law was passed where all women have to be a B cup or less.

  11. Blogger Jessica | 4:32 PM |  

    Put down the camera and nurse me already, woman!

  12. Blogger The Hertz Family! | 5:13 PM |  

    Mom, I'm giving you the lip! that always works!

  13. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:38 PM |  

    Hmmm. How about:

    Where's MY milk?!?

    WHAT did you say you did with MY milk?!?

    You're not going to take that away from me, are you?

    Do you really wanna see a baby cry?

    This is what happens when you take MILK from a baby!

    Where are you going Mommy?!? Don't just leave me here without MY milk!

    If I have any other flashes of insight, I'll post again. :-)

  14. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:41 AM |  

    great idea for a contest. :)

    "Ut oh! Where are my knickers?"

    (I just like to say knickers.)

    btw, are you still interested in participating in the API fundraiser? we'd love to have you help us out if you can. and if you have those other contacts for me, that's be super awesome. thanks! :)

  15. Blogger Daniels/Finke Family | 8:22 AM |  

    will you stop eating the garlic already, gosh!

  16. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:01 AM |  


    Sorry, just had an LOLcat moment. :)

  17. Blogger Heather | 6:10 PM |  

    Wean is a four letter word

    The Weaning Monster Scared Me

  18. Blogger Covey | 6:40 AM |  

    Where have all the boobies gone?

  19. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:43 AM |  

    The tap better not be dry!--Jessica Lietz

  20. Blogger mistymc | 10:22 AM |  

    An ode to mommy milk:

    If lovin' you is wrong... I don't wanna be right!

  21. Blogger Qtpies7 | 1:42 PM |  

    Please don't leave me with Dad! He's all flat!

    Nooooooo! Those are MY nummies, Dad, leave them alone!

    Please, mommy, I'll be good, I promise!

    I'll stop biting, I promise! Just one more chance?

  22. Blogger saradgoldberg | 1:50 PM |  

    What do you mean...."wean"?

  23. Blogger lulubelle | 5:55 PM |  

    But...but...Mommmeeee....it's SUPPOSED to be nurse on DEMAND!!!!

  24. Blogger Unknown | 6:15 PM |  

    But, I don't HAVE a problem! I don't NEED Boobyjuice Anonymous! I can quit any time I want, I swear!

  25. Blogger Unknown | 6:46 PM |  

    Got milk?

  26. Blogger Unknown | 6:50 PM |  

    Also "where's the milk?"

    PinkPoppies at g(oogle)mail dot com

  27. Blogger Mojavi | 7:30 PM |  

    Empty AGAIN! We really need to work on you increasing you SUPPLY!

  28. Blogger Sarah | 9:20 PM |  

    "No boobies for you"

  29. Blogger Mommin' It Up! | 8:55 AM |  

    I hate it when she puts those away!


  30. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:28 PM |  

    Whaddya mean, "all empty?" They CAN'T be empty!


    You're considering WHAT reduction?!?

  31. Blogger heather@it'stwinsanity | 5:11 PM |  

    Are you holding out on me??

  32. Blogger jenn | 10:42 AM |  

    They want me to eat WHERE???

  33. Blogger Candace | 1:16 PM |  

    Hey Mom, how's about a lil' lactation sedation?

    I said I won't bite again.


  34. Blogger Isil Simsek | 2:13 AM |  

    Hi there,
    I had left a comment 2 days ago but now I see it didn't appear, maybe because of blogger.
    I had offered (if not too late)

    "breastfeeding anywhere,anytime"


  35. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:02 AM |  

    Where's my next fix going to come from?

  36. Blogger Abigail (aka Mamatouille) | 12:24 AM |  

    Weaning sucks!

  37. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:13 AM |  

    I'm an ardent supporter of both breastfeeding and children. No one would call me humorless but I have to say that humor at the expense of a crying child is counter the the values of those who respect children and work to improve awareness of better parent/child relationships. Your contest is disappointing.

  38. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 2:52 PM |  

    LOL! Well I'm sorry you feel that way but my tot went from happy and smiling to that face and back to happy and smiling in about 45 seconds.

    It's not like I made him starve or stay up late or pinched him to get the shot.

    I don't suppose I can please everyone all of the time though, eh?

  39. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:56 PM |  

    who needs a jar of dirt when your mom has THOSE!?

  40. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:17 PM |  

    "Mommy, not onions again! Don't you know I can taste everything you eat?"

  41. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:33 PM |  

    ummm..."life is like a wax candle...slowly melting away....so live life to the fullest!"....
    or...."yesterday is history....tomorrow's a mystery...today is a gift...thats why its called PRESENT!"

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