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Old Navy Targeting Lactivists?

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Probably not, but man, this shirt sure looks like something I'd sell on my site!

I picked it up at Old Navy after one of the women in the Ohio Breastfeeding Coalition emailed me to say she'd spotted them there. Cost me $8, which is way more than I'd usually spend on a onesie, but so worth it!

And isn't that the frowniest face ever? I can't even remember what I did to make him so sad/mad at me, but I had to snap the picture. Then I realized what shirt he was wearing and figured I also had to share it here.

When we went to our picnic on the 4th of July, Emmitt wore that shirt and I wore my black "Milk Jugs" shirt. We made a good pair. ;)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:03 AM |  

    cute shirt and what a pouty lil emmitt. :)

  2. Blogger Nevanna | 9:29 AM |  

    That's cute!

    I have a similar frowning picture. It was around Christmas, I was holding our then-two-month-old and one of his Christmas presents. From the time we posed until his dad snapped the shot, he decided he wanted milk NOW! and has the worst face. :p

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:19 PM |  

    i was about to get that for my son, but the writing is in hot pink.. and i'm not all about the boys wearing pink lol.... i know i shouldn't care, since its so cute.. but darn it, its just weird to me to put a boy in pink, no offense... i hope that they'll make them in blue!!!

  4. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 2:27 PM |  

    I Dunno....I figure Emmitt could eat anyone that made fun of him.

    He's manly enough to feel secure in pink. ;)

  5. Blogger Unknown | 4:00 PM |  

    Awwwwww!!! He's so cute with his milk addiction and existential angst!! It's like a baby version of my 1990's experience ;)

  6. Blogger JudyBright | 7:39 PM |  

    You should totally have a quote contest with that picture.

    Judybright as Judy.

    I manage to have two blogger profiles and I'm not quite sure how.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:36 PM |  

    "I Dunno....I figure Emmitt could eat anyone that made fun of him.

    He's manly enough to feel secure in pink. ;)"

    lol, yeah I have a moose of a son, as well!!!!!

    5 months, wearing 6-12 month stuff... which is HUGE to me, since my twins didn't wear 6-12 months until they were around a year old haha..

  8. Blogger Mama Seoul | 6:18 AM |  

    He's adorable in pink! I bought this for my son as well.

  9. Blogger Unknown | 6:18 PM |  

    He looks so cute. My daughter has this onesie...she also has one that says I heart boobies. LOL She wore it to a breast cancer benefit.

  10. Blogger Ahmie | 4:03 PM |  

    my 3yo got "i heart boobies" as a 1st birthday present from a friend (I was so sad when he grew out of it!) and the newborn got this milk addict one as a blessingway (alternative baby shower) gift. Right now he's nursing and wearing one with the logo for the London Underground on the front with the logo for the exit on the butt (got it at a thrift store if I remember correctly). I'm drowning in onesies tho, really need some separates for the kid! but he's living in just a diaper for the most part anyway with the heat and being in a sling.. whatever.

  11. Blogger Wani | 9:30 AM |  

    I just found those onsies at the Old Navy in Metropolis on clearance! How cute are they?!? Love them! I bought one for my baby boy and another to give as a gift!

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