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Any Of You Like to Write?

Looking for The Lactivist? She's retired. But you CAN still find Jen blogging. These days, she's runs A Flexible Life. Join her for life, recipes, projects and the occasional rant.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

NOTE: The request for writer applications has closed. Wendy is no longer considering new writers. She'll be contacting accepted writers soon.

My friend Wendy Piersall runs a site called eMoms at Home. It's a fantastic blog about building a business from your home and I know many of you already read it.

Well yesterday, she dropped me an email asking if I knew any good writers that might be interested in joining forces with her. Don't be put off if you aren't involved in marketing, she's looking for folks to write about tons of topics.

Interested? Here's the info...

Currently, I am seeking 3-5+ bloggers to write content for moms and dads at home – this could be both work at home or stay at home parents. If you already have a blog and think your readers would be interested in this opportunity, I'd really appreciate your help spreading the word!

These are paid positions in which there is a "base" pay plus several forms of incentive compensation:

Each writer would get a percentage of the advertising revenue from their blog
Each writer is free to incorporate their own affiliate links into their content
The entire team will get free training and advice on blogging, traffic generation, affiliate marketing, and content creation

Compensation will increase with more experience and length of time with the company

Although I am fairly open in regards to topics to write about, I'm interested in both 'traditional' mom content as well as perhaps some personal blogs in which writers want to tackle tougher personal, controversial or societal issues – the sky is the limit as I am extremely open-minded. But here are some very basic suggestion ideas (I particularly hope to find someone who wants to cover the topics with a *):

Organization and productivity
Money management
Conception and Pregnancy
Fashion trends for moms
Home improvement, decorating or landscaping*
Recipes and cooking
Freelance service business strategies
Kids activities*
Holiday crafts, recipes, projects (year-round covering all holidays)*
Crafts (recreational how to's and ideas)
Crafts businesses (the business side)
Contests and / or reviews*
Natural and organic living
Tech products for parents
Kids electronics/games/toys
Book reviews
Anything health-related

Additionally, writers would not have to do any blog setup or maintenance – I would take care of all hosting, design, html, everything. All you need to know is a tiny bit about blogging, writing, and how to create a hyperlink in a post.

This is the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to learn more about blogging and online marketing to grow it into their own home based business, or for an aspiring writer who wants a laid-back ongoing work at home gig. If you know of someone who would be interested in this opportunity, please forward this email to them – or if YOU are interested, let me know!


  1. Blogger lulubelle | 11:21 AM |  

    Thanks for the info Jen, I just sent off an e-mail :)

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:37 PM |  

    Thanks for the info. I emailed her as well and although I'm not sure I'm what she's looking or I thought I might be able to write on:

    Organization and productivity
    Money management
    Contests and / or reviews*
    Tech products for parents

    Looks like we'll all get together for a conference call sometime soon to see if there is a fit.

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