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Shipping the Kid off to the In-Laws

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Ahh...sweet sleep and peacefulness, I shall be with you soon.

Which is ironic since I'll still have Mr. Nurse-all-Night with me...

Anyway, Elnora is heading to the farm this weekend for the first time in about seven months. You see, back before Emmitt was born, my in-laws (who live an hour away on a farm) would keep Elnora one weekend a month. It was a great way for them to spend quality time with each other and it gave Greg and I a free weekend each month to go out in the evenings, sleep-in in the morning and get work done during the day. Since I adore my in-laws and trust them implicitly with Nora, it worked out well for all of us.

Well, timing wise it just hasn't worked out to send her since Emmitt's been born. They were here last weekend though and made mention of the fact that they missed having her. (I *think* they got that whole sentence out before I blurted out "when can you keep her!?" but I'm not sure...)

So all was arranged and it was decided that Elnora would spend the weekend with them this week.

Wait...it gets better.

Yesterday I spoke with my sister-in-law and found out that she and my brother-in-law are headed down there as well. Did I want them to take Elnora down with them to save myself a trip? (I *think* she got that whole sentence out before I blurted out "woo hoo!" but I'm not sure...)

So it's arranged. I have to drive about 20 minutes to drop Elnora off with my SIL this afternoon and they'll take her south. She LOVES Greg's brothers and their wives, so this will work out great. Plus, Greg's parents are bringing her home on Sunday, so I don't have to drive either time.

Life is good.

Yes, I'll still have Emmitt, but hey...he'll take naps and I can nap with him. Plus, I can do all the running around I want with him because he'll sleep wherever. (And with my new Ergo (review coming soon) I can also get stuff done around the house or go for walks.

Now...just another year or so and I can ship them BOTH off for the weekend.


  1. Blogger MKM | 11:50 AM |  

    Wow will your in-laws take my kids too? just kidding . . .

    So you mentioned that the Ergo will allow you to get things done around the house. I take it then that you like it? I can't wait to hear your review!

    I *love* mine (and I am 5' and 100 lbs thank you breastfeeding). My only complaint is that I have a child that likes to look around when we go out and not being able to face forward on the front or se over me on the back is a bit of a struggle at times.

    But I love it when they fall asleep and you can kiss the top of their head. :-)

  2. Blogger Pinkwool | 5:52 PM |  

    Oooooh for the day both of my lil darlings can go up to the IL's. And have someone drive them up there? Pfft, even better.

    I agree, a baby is easier than a toddler given those wonderful naps and all. I actually got a nap today for the first time in I cannot tell you how long (the toddler refuses to nap).

    Enjoy your time!! I'm jealous! Lol

  3. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 8:39 AM |  

    Holy crap.

    Know what time we hauled our butts out of bed this morning?

    10:45 baby.

    Yep, that's right. 10:45 am, just one hour and 15 minutes shy of noon.

    It sucks that Emmitt never goes to bed until 10 or 10:30, but at least I can count on him to sleep in.

    I just snagged him out of his pack n play at about 8 and we got back in bed and little dude snuggled up and let us sleep for almost three hours longer.

    YAY for the in-laws!

  4. Blogger The Curries | 11:10 AM |  

    Hey, how old was Nora when you left her overnight for the first time? We're hoping to go on 2nd honeymoon sometime before we try for baby #2, so that's why I'm wondering how it has worked for you. Thanks!

  5. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 2:31 PM |  

    I think she was about six months? I speak at several conferences each year and while I skipped the ones when she was one month and three months, I left her with my mom for a full week at six months. She did just fine.

    She started spending one weekend a month with Greg's parents when she was 11 months. Did fine then too. She's a very independent kid and since I EP'ed for her, nursing wasn't an issue.

    I expect I won't leave Emmitt until he's at least a year...maybe 18 months...we'll see. For now, he goes on my trips with me and I just take someone to watch him while I'm speaking. Elnora stays with my mom or MIL.

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