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Milk Banking Article in Good Housekeeping

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well now there's something you don't expect to see...

This month's (April 2007) issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine has a nice two-page article on human milk banking. I had Greg pick me up a copy last night, but I wouldn't be beyond simply suggesting you read it while you're standing in the checkout line. ;)

It shares the story of a newborn and a 6 year old child that are currently receiving donor milk and does a great job of taking about how the process works and what the benefits are. Also has an interview or two with a few donors, including one mom that said it really helped her heal emotionally from the baby she lost in a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

Anyway, it's really, REALLY nice to see milk banking (specifically the HMBANA banks) getting some positive press in a mainstream magazine. Here's hoping that this helps the word spread.

The funny thing? I saw someone on a lactation forum complain that the story includes an image of a bottle.

Umm...what do they think donor milk comes in? Cute little disposable boobies? Perspective people...perspective.

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  1. Blogger MKM | 8:24 AM |  

    Wait, a sic YEAR old was receiving donated milk? That's awesome! I'm surprised they chose that child to showcase considering an article on milk banking is already kind of risky for a mainstream magazine.

    Three cheers for Good Housekeeping!

  2. Blogger JudyBright | 8:26 AM |  

    So, you're allowed to donate if your baby died?

  3. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 8:43 AM |  

    Yes, though that's not really what this article was talking about.

    An ectopic pregnancy always ends by like 8-10 weeks at the latest (earlier I think...) so the mom wouldn't have milk then. She donated after a later birth.

    But yes, there are mothers who have a stillbirth or whose babies die shortly after birth and they donate. They are called "bereved mothers" and most milk banks have special programs in place for them. They will take milk in ANY amount (instead of having to meet the 200 ounce minimum) and most banks will pay shipping to get the milk even if mom doesn't live nearby.

    The Columbus bank has a "bereved mothers" fund that handles the shipping costs and such for them.

  4. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 8:48 AM |  


    Yep, six years old! :) Though I think that in terms of "mainstream" they probably don't mind a six year old drinking breast milk, it's the physical act of nursing a six year old that probably bugs the mainstream types. Otherwise it's just milk from a cup, ya know?

    They also mentioned that it's being used on some adults as well. It really was a great article, comprehensive, supportive...I'm very impressed. In fact, perhaps we should consider sending letters to the editor thanking them for running such a great article.

    Re: the use of milk in adults...it's pretty cool actually. People that have certain forms of cancer or that have severe digestive issues that make it hard for them to keep weight on use it very succesfully to spark appetite and to gain weight.

    I've tried to convince my mom to slip my 91 year old aunt some. She's losing weight like mad and they're always trying to fatten her up. I've got plenty, she never has to know that it isn't just whole milk. ;)

  5. Blogger southernmrs | 9:28 AM |  

    That is wonderful. I'll have to hunt our copy down here at the office and show it off.

    We've discussed starting a local milk bank through our local breastfeeding coalition. We do not have one in the state. The closest one is 2 states away.

    Anyone have any experience with start up? I've been to the HMBNA website and downloaded some tuff and ordered one of the books.

    How do you get funding?

  6. Blogger Unknown | 1:17 PM |  

    Wow, I will buy the issue just to support them, and email them about it! With you on the perspective thing. :)

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