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Last Call for the Lactivist Bash

Looking for The Lactivist? She's retired. But you CAN still find Jen blogging. These days, she's runs A Flexible Life. Join her for life, recipes, projects and the occasional rant.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well I've had more than 40 people RSVP so far. In fact, it looks like we may make it to 50! Pretty impressive numbers so far. Still room for more, as I haven't reserved a pavillion yet, so if you've been on the fence about coming, or are the type that has to know they'll be enough people there for you to "blend in" then never fear.

Come and join us. It's going to be fun!

RSVP to me via email by Saturday. I'll be sending an email out early next week with information on where the bash will be held.


  1. Blogger Misty | 5:47 PM |  

    So, where is this bash??

  2. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 5:56 PM |  

    LOL...sorry, guess that would have been handy for those that have joined since I first announced it.

    Columbus, Ohio.

  3. Blogger Strikethru | 7:35 PM |  

    Well, us far-flung readers hope everyone has a good time!

  4. Blogger Unknown | 1:32 PM |  

    NEVER thought I'd say this, but...wish I lived in Ohio. ;)

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