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Florida Breastfeeding Coalition?

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Monday, March 26, 2007

I guess we know what Darlene is doing for her Power of One pledge! :)

Just got this in my email...

Thanks so much for the post celebrating the formation of the Ohio Breastfeeding Coalition. What a terrific idea! This is just the sort of empowering action that more of us need to take if we truly want to make an impact and help breastfeeding women. Imagine if there was such an organization in every state...and maybe one at the national level?

While Florida has been a leader in creating legislation codifying a woman's right to breastfeeding wherever she wants to, there is still much to be done. I do not profess to know how daycare centers treat breastfed children here (yet) and I am no longer 'in the muck' so to speak because my youngest child is 30. However, I did breastfeed my kids and know all too well what it was like, how easy it was for people to misunderstand, and the lack of knowledge about the importance and benefits of nursing a child. On that score, I know that not much has changed. I read every day about the difficulties today's moms face. My business partner is a breastfeeding mom and she too has had issues with breastfeeding in public.

As you know, our corporate mission is to help promote breastfeeding and support breastfeeding organizations. Well, you have helped us decide upon the vehicle to put that in motion and I propose initiating a Florida Breastfeeding Coalition to lobby for legislation, provide linkages for other breastfeeding organizations to work together, and to partner with businesses who can help make a difference. "Alone, I am only an opinion...together we are action."

If you have any readers in Florida who are interested in helping us get started, please put them in touch with me. They can email caydencreations@yahoo.com.

Thanks for being the catalyst for us to step up and do our part for the breastfeeding community.