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Denver Milk Bank Offering Loaner Pumps

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Earlier this month I put out a call for breast milk donors for the HMBANA milk bank in Denver. I mentioned that their freezers were running low and that I hoped that any moms in the area would consider donating.

I heard back today from Amy at Crunchy Domestic Goddess. She said she contacted the bank and mentioned that she had plenty of milk but didn't have a good electric pump for expressing it. Turns out that the Denver milk bank will lend out pumps to their donors!

If you live in the Denver area and have considered donating but lack a good pump, I hope that you'll give them a call and see if you qualify as a donor.

Every drop counts.


  1. Blogger Casey@LoveWhatIs | 7:59 PM |  

    My first thought is that I hope they're using pumps that are designed for multiple users!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:44 PM |  

    I would assume they are. The bank is located at an excellent hospital and is staffed by professional medical folks.

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