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A Day of Firsts

Looking for The Lactivist? She's retired. But you CAN still find Jen blogging. These days, she's runs A Flexible Life. Join her for life, recipes, projects and the occasional rant.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The first walk of spring. (It was 80 today.)
Elnora's first trip to the "big" playground.
Elnora's first time going down the "big" slide.
Emmitt's first stroller ride through Sunbury (he passed out and slept).
Elnora's first ice cream cone.

And so...a montage of images from our afternoon walk.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:51 AM |  

    I went to the park with my older daughter on Sunday for the first time this season. It's still fun to swing on the swings at 30 years old! I just love spring.

  2. Blogger Unknown | 10:13 AM |  

    Looks like fun was had by all. I love the park and my kids are outside nuts- they would stay out all day if mommy didn't have to work. As a side note- I see that you have the smaller child "properly" sitting in the rear seat of the stroller, as directed by the stroller companies. Does Emmitt ever pull Elnora's hair? I have started putting my son in the front seat of the stroller because he is a hair puller. I guess even at the young tender age of 1, if a boy likes you he pulls your hair. He absolutely adores his big sister, and she does not like him when he pulls her hair.

  3. Blogger JudyBright | 11:42 AM |  

    1. I saw your mommy!

    2. I assume you had "big" in quotes because we all know that truly big slides disappeared around 1990. Oh I miss getting the backs of my thighs stuck on hot metal on a July day...

  4. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 3:08 PM |  

    I dunno, this one was pretty big. One of the bigger ones I've seen in awhile. Not as big as the three story tornado slide we had at our elementary school, but still pretty decent.

    They also had a climbing wall. Surprised me in this day of "let's sue when my child falls."

  5. Blogger Kalena Jordan | 5:38 AM |  

    Gorgeous photos! Wow Emmitt's grown so much already. Thanks for sharing.

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