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7 Hours!

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Yep, you read that right...seven hours!

Emmitt slept pretty well over the weekend. I like to think it's because he knew Elnora was gone and that it was my one chance to get some rest (babies are intuitive) but I think it's more likely that he actually got good naps on Saturday and Sunday and thus, he slept well.

(I never understood why kids sleep better/longer at night if they get a lot of naps, but who am I to tell that gift horse to open up his chompers so I can take a look?)

I did a lot of running around on Saturday and Sunday so he got some great naps in the car. Saturday night he slept from 11pm to 10:45 am, waking only at 5am and 8am. Not bad.

Last night, he went to bed at 10pm, woke up at 1am and then slept until a little after 8am this morning.

I woke up and thought "why do I feel so awake? what's going on?" before I looked at the clock and did the "holy smokes, is he still breathing!" baby check.

So today, my goal has been to ensure that this kid gets good naps. That's fairly tough since Elnora is...well...a LOUD 2 year old and Emmitt doesn't like to take naps in his pack n play. I got him to take two naps on my bed (nursed him to sleep then snuck away) and now he's sleeping soundly in his bouncy chair while I bounce it with my foot. Hopefully I can get one more nap in early this evening. (He never sleeps for more than an hour at a time during the day.)

Then we'll test my theory.

I couldn't possibly get 7 hours of straight sleep two nights in a row, could I?


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:11 PM |  

    Before you had kids did you ever think 7 hours of straight sleep would sound so amazing! I remember my mom telling me she was tired for about 5 years straight and I thought she was exagerating:-) Now I know better and I take everything she says much more literally!

  2. Blogger MKM | 10:40 AM |  

    You lucky lucky lactivist! My single babe is 7 1/2 months old and still wakes up "eleventy billion" (I love that phrase) times a night to nurse or comfort nurse. I love it . . . but I'm so tired!

    7 hours is amazing . . . 5 hours is amazing too! Maybe if I was at home instead of at work I could get more naps out of her. Seems like she naps longer on weekends when she can go down with the boob instead of in dad's arms. Or maybe it's his singing that keeps her up . . .

  3. Blogger Amanda | 6:47 PM |  

    My great-grandmother used to say, "Sleep breeds sleep." I noticed it with my kids (sometimes, LOL), so I'm going to take a leap and hope there was some truth to it :)

    Excellent blog, btw. I'm still reading back-posts, as I just recently found it.

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