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And You Think YOUR Birth Was Stressful!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Good gravy...I can never again claim that my first birth was stressful...not after reading this story...

Woman Gives Birth in Her Car...but wait, there's more...

Apparently, she was driving herself to the hospital, lost control of the car during a strong contraction and crashed into a canal. Yeah, a canal, those things filled with water? Then, while trapped in the car with a BROKEN LEG, she caught her daughter. It was over an hour before a police officer came along and rescued them from the car.



  1. Blogger ContentWorth | 2:34 PM |  

    I heard about this on the radio this morning and thought it was a joke at first. My goodness, I guess my birth story can't compare to that!

    I have a feeling her parents are going to find out she was pregnant with this story.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:10 AM |  

    "Another deputy cut the umbilical cord."


    why is it felt nessasary to cut the cord even in a dirty DITCH? giving a newborn an open wound is the last thing I would want in such conditions......

    I do agree that that is some intresting birth story.

    Cute name for the baby too....


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