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And then it hits you...time moves fast!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And then it hits you...time moves fast!

Good grief! You're puttering along, focusing on getting your work done, caring for your kid and looking forward to the arrival of baby number two.

Then someone (my mom) says something like "so what are you going to use for bedding for the new baby?"

And it dawns on you...holy CRAP, I'm due in like five weeks and I have NOTHING ready. NOTHING.

How in the world does that happen?

Sure, I'd done a bunch of hunting and finally come across a double stroller that I actually like...but I haven't bought it yet.

Sure, I pulled out the pack n play since baby will spend the first month or two in our room...(I'm certainly not traipsing upstairs every few hours to nurse the little munchkin!)

But...there's no crib...no dresser...heck, I don't even have clothes ready to go for the little thing!

Funny how things can change from number 1 to number 2, eh?

That said, things are starting to swing into gear. Mom has promised to buy the stroller for us and she's busy talking my grandfather out of a chest of drawers. We've already decided to steal the changing table from Nora's room and to replace it with one of those little table and chair sets for coloring. Mom can probably lend me her extra rocking chair, since Nora still loves to sit and rock and sing before bed and I hate to steal her rocker.

I did find and order a complete bedding set in a matter of about 10 minutes. (how much do I rock?) I also have plans for a back-up crib purchase if I can't find one that I like at the consignment shop in the next few weeks.

Thankfully, my mom said she'd come down in a few weeks and stay for several days to help me get the nursery put together, painted (or a border put up, who knows?) and to go through all the newborn clothes and blankets so that I actually have something to dress this poor child in.

Got a pool ordered to use during labor, though I'll still have to go to the hardware store for a fawcet adapter and hose. At least mom and dad have a submersible pump and electric air pump that we can borrow for blowing up the pool and emptying it out.

Now, if only we could come up with a name. We don't have a boy name OR a girl name yet...I'm seriously starting to think this baby just might be called "Baby Laycock" and have to wear a flour sack while sleeping in the drawer of our dresser. ;) Poor, poor child.


  1. Blogger K | 3:02 PM |  

    First -- glad to see a new post. Was worried that you might have had the baby early.

    Second -- if you have a boy -- we've got you covered for clothes!

  2. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 3:08 PM |  

    Hey...I just had a new post on Monday! Where have YOU been? :-P

    Actually, I was in San Jose for a week for a search conference, then got buried in email when I came back, thus the absence.

    Ohh...boy clothes...that would rock. :) Not that Nora's clothes were all pink and frilly...but once you get past 6 months or so, they are, most definately "girl" clothes. :)

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:22 PM |  

    Is that pool sturdy enough for laboring in? Just curious. I can't decide if I want a pool or not. this may sound weird, but I do NOT want to have the baby in the tub or pool. I get a little grossed out at the thought of being in the pool with all the blood and stuff, but I'm not squeamish about it, just don't want to be in the tub/pool with it. And I just want to roll over and hold my baby, not have to get out and dry off and all that busy-ness. But it might be nice to have around for laboring.

  4. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 7:26 PM |  

    Actually, that pool is sold on several "water birth" sites and quite a few women on the Childbirth Choices board over at BabyCenter said they have used it.

    The side walls are supposed to be sturdy enough for you to actually sit on while it's inflated and filled, plus it has the inflatable bottom, so a bit more comfy.

    I was actually going to rent an AquaDoula and they talked me out of that and into this. (The AquaDoula's sides are very thing and kinda "sharp" not good for leaning on)

    I'm with you on the actual birth thing. I want to use the tub for laboring but NOT for the birth.

    The idea of sitting in placenta soup just kinda grosses me out. I love the idea of warm water while I'm dealing with pressure waves, but any time I see a picture of a water birth, I just keep thinking about how red the water is and how I'd have to immediately get in the shower when I crawled out of the water with baby.

  5. Blogger mamamilkers | 10:14 PM |  

    LOL, that is the exact same link I put up on my blog about the stroller I wanted! It looks so cool and compact :)

  6. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 6:50 AM |  

    I LOVE that stroller...no joke, I went all over and drove like dozens and read a zillion reviews to try and find it.

    Even hauled Elnora down to Target to plunk her in the front and back. ;)

    Only downside I see is that it won't hold an infant carrier, so I likely won't be able to use it until baby #2 is about two months old before we can really use it. On the plus side, baby goes in back and the shade pretty much completely covers that area, so baby could easily sleep while you're walking around.

    Oh yeah, it costs about half as much as the Peg Perego Duo I was looking at...I did NOT want a $300 stroller. ;)

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