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Canadian Coverage of BMJ Study

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Excellent article on the CTV web site about the recent BMJ study that shows homebirth to be as safe as hospital birth.

Read the full article: Home births better than hospital births: study

A Snippet:

While giving birth at home is still a controversial idea to medical experts in many countries, the study has become one of the most-read since being published in the influential British Medical Journal nine months ago.

After tracking 5,418 pregnant North American women who planned to give birth at home with certified midwives, the authors concluded these women needed less medical intervention, with far fewer epidurals and episiotomies. Forceps were also used less.

About the only negative thing in the article was the comment at the end from an OB. Very well balanced...because honestly, an OB IS going to speak out against home birth, it's totally understandable...but it is interesting to note his exact word choice... ;)

"Our perception is that we still feel that the hospital environment offers more safe options to the mother."



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